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Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn, the most powerful and useful Business to Business tool on the planet! Or is that a slight exaggeration? If you have not used LinkedIn then you need to, and if you are on LinkedIn and aren’t using it to its full capacity then you need to be!

LinkedIn is the ultimate business social network where you are able to engage with anyone and everyone on the business spectrum. We have put together a guide to how LinkedIn could help to improve your lead generation.

What is LinkedIn?

In short, LinkedIn is a business social media platform. No matter if you are a sole trader, or own an international company like Apple, LinkedIn is for all. It allows professionals to connect, interact and even share posts about things that are interesting to them or even their industry.

The main bonus to LinkedIn, is you can really control the people in your network. This is done via connections. Connecting to key decisions makers, businesses you want to work with, or even influential people within your industry allow you to really narrow your contacts down. Therefore using LinkedIn for Lead Generation is very beneficial.


What information can I get from LinkedIn?

Information is available in abundance on LinkedIn. Unlike most platforms people will have their email address, work and also location. Some even have direct contact numbers. Now taking advantage of this may seem like a great idea, however be warned. Sending sales pitches, and trying to sell without getting to know people can sometimes not go down to well. The best way to use this information is to make introductions. Introduce yourself, say hello, ask more about what they do and go from there.

Also LinkedIn allows you to recommend people. When someone posts an update saying they are looking for something, you can tag people you know. This is a great way to introduce your services, and potentially find people who are looking for your services.

Finding Leads on LinkedIn?

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation can be done in a variety of ways. In actual fact, it’s one of very few social media channels in which leads can be clear to see. Some of the ways in which you can find, and also generate leads are as follows:-


Publish Articles

As with all marketing, content is going to be a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field. LinkedIn is no acception, in actual fact it’s potentially more important. By publishing articles on LinkedIn, you are able to share them with your connections and those that follow you. Engagement rates on LinkedIn are actually higher than any other platform due to the professional nature of those using it.

Publishing an article will appear on your connections feed as soon as they have been posted. Another major plus with LinkedIn, is that even if you’re not connected with someone, they are able to follow you through your article. So the next one you post will appear on their feed also. Articles that you post can turn into lead generation, and the guru of content is Neil Patel. Take a look at his blog about generating leads from your articles. How to Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

Post Daily Updates

LinkedIn operates very similar to all other social media platforms. You need to make sure you are posting on a daily basis. This will give you the best chance to engage, and interact with your connections. You do not need to post a unique update each day, or unique piece of content. You may choose to do the following:-

  • Reshare content that someone else has posted
  • Link your website so people have a destination for your details
  • Repurpose the content in which you have posted on your other social media.

Join Groups

LinkedIn has a unique options where you are able to join groups which are associated with your field of expertise. Here you will find people working in your industry, or those who are looking for information on what you do. This can present the perfect time to discuss your expertise, and also sell your services.

Be aware, using LinkedIn to sell is not the best way to utilise the platform. Those who see sales posts tend to scroll past. However, be informative and demonstrate your knowledge. This will help you to generate leads.

To conclude

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for generating leads. Having a presence on this platform allows your business to be noticed by others, allows you to interact with others, as well as gain valuable knowledge of key decision makers. Navigating the minefield which is LinkedIn can sometimes be difficult, and understanding that there are some interesting characters is part of the fun. Give it ago!
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