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Instagram for Lead Generation

Instagram for Lead Generation

Instagram has taken over the world!…Well not really but in terms of social media, it is challenging Facebook to be the number one platform in years to come. So much so Facebook acquired it. Social media platforms are now becoming a one stop shop for promotion of your brand, as well as generating leads. So we have decided to explain how to get started, and how you can utilise this platform.

Lets begin

So, the really basic bit, go onto Instagram and sign up for a profile. Now where Instagram differs from most platforms is that they have the option of 2 different profile types. The first one being a normal run of the mill profile, where you are more of a casual user. The second option, and one in which is most beneficial is the business profile. Now here is why:-

  • Contact Options – Unlike the other profile version, a business page allows you not only to have a message section, but also the ability to directly call that company, or email them, Can definitely be helpful when customers need to get ahold of you.

  • Insights – Now if you are new to Instagram, insights are great. Its data about the amount of likes you receive, age ranges who view your posts, locations and how many clicks or impressions your post has created.

  • Ability to post from your desktop – Until recently Instagram was one of very few who did not have the ability to post from your computer. Now with a business account only you can do it. Making it easier to keep up with your marketing commitments.

  • Run Instagram Ads – The big one and the reason we are here. Running a sponsored advert can only be done on a business profile. Keep reading to find out more about Instagram ads!

Sponsored Posts

Instagram sponsored posts, the way in which to promote your organic posts to the wider audience. When putting together a sponsored post, Instagram will use a previous posts you have already posted on your feed.

There are many options for the type of ad you can place which we have explained below.

Sponsored ads can also be used for a variety of reasons, however the two commons ones are either to promote your brand, or your products and services. Some may say they are the same, however one is lead to be more of a sales piece, and the other is more about brand awareness.

Now dependent on the reason for advert, Instagram has an extensive list to be chosen from. Advert types include:-

  • Stories Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Ads in Explore

Each will lend themselves well to specific advert requirements you have.

As we mentioned earlier on, the greatest thing about using a sponsored post is the ability to use targeting criteria. Using a criteria allows you to be more specific on the area you are looking to pinpoint and also the demographics. Targeting criteria can also mean a better qualified rate for your lead generation.

This is mainly down to the fact if you have got your targeting criteria correct, your target audience will be the ones engaging with your post. As with Facebook, all information is available via the ads manager.

To refer this back to lead generation, being able to conduct a targeted audience promotion can make a remarkable difference.

Leads will come in the form of either followers commenting underneath pictures, directly messaging, following links to your website, or even direct calls from your Instagram page. Regardless of how, it could also open a new client base for your business.

To Summarise

Equally in nature Instagram is a great platform to utilise when trying to generate leads. One thing it does have over the rest is that it allows users to be more interactive with their audience.

Photos are seen as a draw, and as long as you are putting up pictures which interest your followers, they will interact with you. Not to mention, Instagram is more than likely going to overtake Facebook for social media supremacy.