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Why Do I Need A CRM?

Using a CRM or a customer relationship manager is a great tool that all businesses should utilise in order to help track their current and also potential customers. The use of a CRM is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and this is down to increased amounts of companies who are offering their own bespoke versions. In this article we will look at why do I need a CRM, and also the benefits it has.

Why is a CRM Important?

In today’s highly competitive markets, with a vast amount of products and services to choose from, customers are being increasingly picky to where they purchase. Once a business builds or releases a new product, it only takes a few months for it to become a commodity, so the need for good customer service is vital. This is where a CRM comes in.

CRM’s focus around customers and help to really embed sales and marketing processes. Marketing can track their email campaigns, social media and also content. And sales are able to track where customers are in the buying process, and ensure they are contacted at the key touch points. The link between sales, marketing and your customers is vital for business success.

How Does a CRM Work?

A CRM is sometimes seen as a piece of technology which a business can live without. However in today’s world customers are key to a businesses success, and being able to track and monitor existing and new customers tells you where they are in the buying journey. Planning how you are going to use your CRM, and how it will affect the business is also important. Some of the ways in which it works are as follows:

Supports Customer Centric Strategies

Improving the customer’s experience is vital to maintaining a good business and revenue stream. Customers are becoming increasingly more picky over businesses they engage with, so now more than ever, experience will be what makes or breaks a sale. A CRM allows you to have full control over their experience. 

Every time a customer comes into contact with an organization be that through sales or marketing the customer has a chance to form an opinion. So why not make it a positive one. A CRM helps you to do just that. It allows you to control the process, look back over customer notes and build an understanding whilst you are talking to them. Referencing previous conversation, correspondence or products they bought creates a very professional feel to your business.

By being customer centric returning customers will likely want to buy from you again. And any new customers will eventually become that repeat business in time.

Centralise All Customer Data 

Centralising all your customer data helps to run a smooth business operation. With markets becoming even more competitive most will be working with multiple customers at the same time. Customer data is subject to GDPR, but ensures you have details about their requirements, contact number, email and also any emails you have sent. All this data is useful as if someone new is to pick up a potential sale they have all the information they need. 

Also, if you work in a small, medium or large organisation being able to create clear lines of communication is important for creating a smooth process. With the use of CRM anyone within the business, regardless of their function can see details about the customer. It is therefore easy to track sales leads, and also those created by marketing.

Automate Customer Processes

A business will have a mixture of customer facing and business facing processes. Now, a CRM is more customer focused and helps to track sales, marketing and also customer service. By automating a process you make it a better experience for all your customers. 

By using a CRM you are able to really ramp up, and increase your lead generation. Tracking is key to success, and being able to track current and prospective customers is so important. Taking a customer through the stages of the buying process, and keeping tabs on this allows your sales team to touch base at key points of the journey. Equally, it is a great way to track your email marketing campaigns, social media and also content that you are producing.

To Conclude 

A CRM can have a profound effect on your business, and its outcomes with customers. Why do I need a CRM is easily answered by the facts and data from companies who use them. There is a vast array in the market, some more niche to support your desired audience. Be careful when choosing as it will build a foundation for your business moving forward. 

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