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Can TikTok be used for Lead Generation?

Tiktok, the social media platform which has literally taken the world by storm. Some would say the platform literally did just appear out of nowhere, and from this, users, influencers and celebrities alike have jumped on the bandwagon. As with all social media platforms, can TikTok be used for Lead Generation? Let’s find out!

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform which encourages its users to upload between 15 and 60 second videos accompanied with a variety of backing music or voice overs. TikTok’s main user base is anyone from the ages of 15-24 so has become a major draw for large brands across the globe. 

Currently TikTok has over 500 million monthly users, and is currently growing day by day. The platform has gone through a major transition since its inception, where before it was more music based it has now adopted voice overs on each video.

If you want to know more about TikTok take a look at their main website. TikTok – Make Your Day.

How can it be used for Lead Generation?

Since TikTok became a household name of social media, more and more brands have decided to also take on the platform, With a age target of 15-24 brands have seen the perfect opportunity to promote themselves. Three of the key areas to note are:-

It allows for mobile-first campaigns 

The increase in mobile applications, and content being digested on mobile devices TikTok have created a platform which can be easily viewed. The short videos that it utilises are perfect for those to watch whilst at home or on their daily commute. 

Brands have realised the potential in this and have jumped onboard. For example the NBA has over 5 million followers and regularly advertises new merchandise to its users. If your target market is of the 15-24 age range then TikTok will definitely help.

It’s great for brands targeting a younger market

TikTok has made a point to target the younger market, and it’s safe to say it has been a success. Unlike the other social media platforms they have really understood what the younger market looks for The content is fun and engaging which they can all get involved with.

Attracting such a young audience means brands have really been able to advertise their products more and more. With over 188 millions downloads in the first three months of last year, it’s attracting large numbers. Due to its interactive nature brands are finding a good click rate from adverts, as well as increased traffic to their web pages. 

It enables your brand to produce authentic content

TikTok allows your brand to create authentic and engaging content which represents you. Other socials rely heavily on pictures and images which can sometimes be copied or taken from elsewhere. Original videos however cannot. 

Some brands have found it difficult to begin with, however they are now focusing on storytelling so potential customers get to understand them. Building an authentic brand can sometimes be tough, however focusing on brand heritage, and how the brand was formed are all very successful marketing ideas. 

The three above areas are very important considerations when looking to use TikTok for your Lead Generation. What is also very key is looking at the buyer persona. Buyer persona is simply whether your brand fits well onto the platform. Due to its very specific target age range, and also content patterns it is not going to be suitable for everyone. 

Should I be on TikTok?

Quite simply it’s a decision that you need to assess. Like with all social media and marketing its knowing your audience, and also the market that will be a key indicator. TikTok is so heavily focused on a specific age range, you may not find this attracts the audience you require. However if you are looking to target a younger age range, or promote your products then using authentic content or influencers will definitely help. 

Lead Generation will come from a variety of ways. The most common on TikTok will be from website links and also strong branding. If watchers can see the branding then they will use that as a point of association.  

To Conclude

TikTok is a growing social media platform which is being utilised heavily across the world. The question of can tiktok be used for lead generation can be answered simply as yes. However as with all social media platforms careful planning and consideration of audience will always need to be looked at. 

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