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The risks you should and should not take with your SEO

This article looks at the risks you should and should not take with your SEO

SEO sometimes is the unknown which also does under the radar. Getting a business to understand what SEO let alone how important SEO is can sometimes be difficult. However, with market spaces becoming more and more competitive, most companies are now wising up to why SEO is important.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the process of optimising your content be that on your website, or your blog so that it is found when people search for specific terms on the internet. If your content has a good SEO rating then you are likely to be found more often, as well as appear higher up the search.

Why do I need SEO?

SEO should be included in your marketing plan as it is closely linked with the content in terms of blogs and also your website. An effective SEO plan if done correctly will take a while to build and also see results, however can have a positive effect on a company’s online profits. 

The issue with SEO is explaining what SEO is to a non-SEOer can be very difficult. To them they will see it as a bunch of phrases and will not understand the value it can add. Persevere, as once the results show they will be converted.

The risks you should and should not take with your SEO are not always defined. However, what is clear is that you need effective SEO to be able to have your content noticed.

What Risks I should not take 

Some risks in regards to business or marketing and SEO in this case that are not going to be of any benefit. The risks not worth taking will likely be time consuming, costly and could also affect your ranking. Some of the risks to avoid are as follows:-

Deleting Whole Content Pages

Deleting pages from your site may not seem like a big thing as it’s something businesses do regularly, especially during an overhaul. The pages that have been deleted however also contained a ranking keyword. Once this page has gone, so has that ranking keyword. This will have an impact on SEO, as well as your overall Google ranking. 

Not Allowing Neutral Backlinks

Google like pages that have and used quality backlinks, and this is something you need to consider in your SEO plan. Neutral backlinks are also a great asset to your website and or content. A neutral backlink may not add any value to your SEO, however what it definitely does not do is lower your SEO score. Spammy, poor backlinks are viewed badly by Google and will lower your ranking. And may require some intervention from Google. 

Some companies see neutral backlinks as a waste of time, however they are the complete opposite. Neutral backlinks will help to maintain your SEO score, and also help to make your content more noticeable. 

What Risks I should take 

As with all things marketing SEO will also be a trial and error process. However being smart and understanding where you can afford to take risks will limit wasted time. Some of the risks you should consider taking are as follows:-

Getting and Giving Quality Backlinks

Explaining this to people who are not up to date on SEO is always difficult. Why would you want to offer people the chance to go and view another page? Very simple, Google points! Those who decide to use low level backlinks are at risk of appearing lower on the Google ranking system.

Backlinks do also help to improve credibility within your market space. If your readers see you are linking in other top pages, and well known brands or people, then your followers will see you are connected into your niche.

Overhaul the Website

If your website is a few years old then maybe it is time for an overhaul, be that images and or content. This however can be time consuming but definitely be very useful. SEO and the terms you used a few years back may have now been replaced so an update is needed.

One thing to consider however is your google ranking. Yes an overhaul on content is great and an update on key words, however you may see your ranking slip. Do not worry though, you will see yourself climb, and by this point your following should be able to get you back there. Also google recognises the overhauls so your rating should also bounce back quickly. 

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To Conclude 

SEO is a piece of marketing excellence, when it is done right. Content and also what is on your website can help you to be found by prospective customers and clients. Blogs/Articles are also a great way to generate traffic and also build your market presence. When looking at your SEO think of your keywords, and what people within your market space will be interested in as well as what they look for. 

We hope the guide to the risks you should and should not take with your SEO was helpful. However, if you want some more information on SEO, and how it can help your business then take a look at our other blogs.

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