Using SEO For Lead Generation | How To Get More Organic Leads
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Using SEO For Lead Generation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In this article we explore how you can benefit from using SEO for Lead Generation.

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    Lets Begin, What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimisation, or as it is better known as SEO is the process of increasing quantity and quality of the traffic to your website. This is done through being found via organic search engine results. In layman’s terms, the process of being found when someone looks for you on search engine e.g. Google, Bing or Yahoo

    The principle of SEO therefore is very basic. You are looking to generate traffic towards your website, via being found on search engines.

    Now this is where a lot of people think it gets complicated.

    How do you get found? Simple. Content! Publish high volumes of content on your website and optimise them for your researched keywords so you can be found online.

    Using things such as keywords or even phrases can really help when looking to be found online.

    Let’s take this scenario, you are a car dealership in London who specialise in classic cars. You write a piece of content, and include the phrase ‘’classic cars in Norwich’’.

    This will compete with other websites in the search engine for a chance to show up when people search for classic cars in London, in hope that you will appear high up in the search engine.

    Why Do You Need SEO for Your Business?

    SEO is all about ensuring that your website shows up in the search engine results when someone searches for relevant keywords related to your business. Search has always been a crucial part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

    It gives people easy access to your products and services as well as helps you generate more leads by reaching out to more prospective and clients.

    Search engines have always been a key part of any successful digital marketing strategy as they help people find your products and services in addition to getting more leads by reaching out to more prospective clients.

    The Main Benefits Of SEO:

    • A high ranking in SEO will provide cheaper, faster, and better returns on investment (ROI).
    • SEO helps create brand awareness by directly influencing other’s opinions about your product or service.
    • Search Engine Optimisation helps to increase traffic through organic means; thereby generating qualified lead generation opportunities with zero budget cost involved for advertising and promotion.
    • You can use SEO in any size budget and on any type of product regardless of nature or complexity.

    Why Should I Care About Search Engine Optimisation?

    SEO is essential to reach and engage with your audience. It helps to create brand awareness by directly influencing other’s opinions about your product or service.

    This can give you a better edge over competitors. You should care about SEO for your company website. Because SEO will help you generate more leads from qualified prospects who are looking for products and services like yours online.

    How do I SEO My Content?

    Keywords are key (Pardon the pun). We all have searched for something on a search engine haven’t we? What you are actually doing is using keywords to find the information you need.

    Reverting back to my previous example, classic cars in London. If you want to find information about classic cars in London, then quite easily you would have to include them words in some variation. There is no difference with your content!

    Away from keywords other things to consider doing are:-

    • Long tail keywords- Similar to keywords, but instead are 3-4 words long instead. This helps your content to be found if your customer is being specific and local e.g. Classic Cars in Norwich. This a very specific search term.
    • Responsive Web Design – Now this should be given if you have had your website updated, or constructed recently. However if you haven’t then you need to look at it! Make sure your website looks good on desktop and mobile.
    • Backlinks – Definitely for the more seasoned SEO pro, however always good to be aware of. A backlink is very simply a link to another website. Now you may think this is counterproductive, however if you have a website use your article or blog as part of their backlink you may find you generate extra traffic to your page. Listing your business with trade organisations, or featuring on other pages is an effective way to generate backlinks.

    For more information on backlinks check out the experts at Backlinko: What are Backlinks? And How to Build Them in 2020

    Understanding How To Use Keywords For Your Website’s Content

    Keywords are the most important SEO tool that you need to use when writing your blog posts or other forms of content. You should write search keywords in creative ways. So a reader would understand and remember exactly what the keyword is about.

    Writing using SEO keywords cleverly placed in your website’s content will help Google, Bing or other search engines identify what your brand message is all about and how it relates to specific products or services you offer online.

    Using SEO keywords in your website’s content helps drive more targeted traffic to your company website since visitors are likely to stay on it longer while searching for information they require.

    Keeping Your Website Content Fresh

    It is crucial to keep your website content new and fresh because Google updates its algorithm frequently in order to deliver the best content for search. This means that if you have outdated information on your site, or no data at all, then SEO traffic will be low due to a bad user experience.

    You should put keywords into an SEO friendly format called SEO Title Tags. You may use these SEO Title Tags in headlines and page titles of your blog posts or website’s pages A lead generation SEO title might look like this: “How SEO Can Help Increase Your Business Visibility Online” – The keywords “SEO” and “help increase visibility online” are both clearly stated in this SEO ready headline.

    Top Tip: Always make sure that search engine crawlers can easily read through the SEO binary strings and letters used within your SEO title tag.

    Using Keywords on Social Media

    Keywords are also important for social media posts since it provides an SEO boost to the post and helps your fans easily understand what is being said about a specific topic or product on any of your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

    Top Tip: When writing your captions on Social Media, make sure that each keyword is placed near the beginning of the tag so search crawlers can easily identify what your content is about.

    How Does SEO Work With Lead Generation?

    Actively working on your organic SEO can greatly help to improve your lead generation activities by increasing your visibility to a wide range of relevant prospects. Using SEO best practices on your website’s content will help you be found more readily online by search engines since it is always updated with fresh, unique SEO rich media that would appeals to the taste of your audience.

    This makes SEO and lead generation inseparable because SEO will only increase your visibility online and help you convert more leads.

    The Importance of Blogging For Your Company’s SEO Strategy

    Companies that have a SEO ready blog website rank higher in searches than those without one which is why it is essential to incorporate SEO into any marketing plan. SEO friendly blogs can effectively expose your company’s brand to consumers, share information about products or services, answer questions or objections they might have and increase conversion rates while also giving you valuable feedback from customers.

    Search-friendly SEO optimised blogs also helps establish credibility with your target audience and influence users to trust your brand as being an expert source of information within its niche. A good SEO strategy should be integrated into all aspects of your digital marketing plan in order to bring more targeted traffic to your website.

    SEO is not just for lead generation purposes but also for creating awareness about your brand. Furthermore, a well thought out SEO strategy helps businesses gain an advantage over competitors; by expanding their reach, building brand trust and boosting sales while maintaining consistency across the web.

    Top Tip: Make sure you include keywords relating to the purpose of your blog post title and SEO tags within your SEO blog post content. This helps search engines easily identify and rank you higher than competitors articles online.

    How To Measure The Success Of An SEO Campaign

    You can measure SEO success by a range of platforms and tools. The SEO metrics shown in analytics tools are just one measure of success. You could also use websites such as Alexa or Moz to get information on your company’s ranking from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

    Regular SEO monitoring and reviews can help you identify SEO related issues. It may also help you identify whether or not your SEO efforts are actually working to drive relevant targeted SEO traffic towards your business’ site. With SEO you have to measure success over a long period of time.

    Preferably six months or longer so that you can see how much progress has been made with SEO ranking.

    Tools You Can Use To Measure Your SEO Success

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics allows you to see a range of SEO information related to your website and other SEO data. This can help measure how well SEO is working for your business. SEO related information you can find in Google Analytics includes SEO traffic, SEO ranking data and SEO visitor activity.

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console allows you to get SEO information from Google’s search index. SEO data you can look for includes your organic SEO rankings, backlinks, and site performance errors related to your site.


    Alexa helps with your SEO by showing SEO rankings, traffic sources, engagement data, demographics and SEO verticals related to your business.


    Moz is a great SEO tool because it offers SEO analytics data, SEO intelligence and SEO competitive information. This can help you measure SEO success for your business.

    Uber Suggest

    Uber Suggest is a neat little tool that allows you to see SEO suggestions and SEO keyword related search phrases. This can give you SEO ideas for your blog posts or website.

    Google Trends

    Google Trends helps with SEO by showing SEO related search volume data. This data is a useful SEO metric to show how many people are actively looking on Google for SEO related information.


    Ahrefs is an SEO tool that offers technical SEO resources, SEO reports and SEO research tools that can be useful for digital marketing teams.

    SEO is a Long Term Strategy

    SEO is a long term strategy and you will need to stay consistent with your SEO efforts. This type of digital marketing works differently than other forms of online marketing.

    As its all about making changes to your website that you hope will bring in more SEO traffic over time. You can remove the element of ‘hope’ when you’re working with an SEO specialist like Lead Genera.

    They know the on-page and off-page elements that need to be worked on to get your content ranking highly in the search engine.

    SEO specialists understand SEO trends, SEO best practices and also know SEO tactics to help companies achieve their digital goals. Remembering these SEO tips will greatly increase your SEO success. Improve your visibility and bring more targeted traffic to your company’s site.

    Conclusion : Using SEO For Lead Generation

    When it comes to getting more leads for your company; SEO is one of the most valuable tools you can use. It’s important that you understand how a good SEO strategy will help you get found by potential customers online. If this sounds like an intimidating task though and if want some assistance with implementing these strategies in your marketing efforts, let us know!

    We specialise in helping companies create solid digital marketing plans that drive sales through search engine optimisation.

    You may have already started using a few of these techniques without realising. But from now on, make sure they are all intentional decisions designed specifically to work towards improving your website’s ranking. So people find what they’re looking for when they do their research online. Isn’t it time you gave yourself an advantage over competitors?