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The top 10 Social Media statistics you should know

Social Media is becoming one of the most used business development tools across the world. Alongside this, more and more people are using Social Media across the globe on a daily basis to connect with their friends, or businesses/companies they are interested in. If you are a new business considering using social media then take a look at the top 10 social media statistics you should know. 

Most of the world is now on Social Media

No matter where in the world you are located, social media is growing. Social media does also help to connect people from a variety of locations, age groups, nationalities and races. 84% of people across the world who use the internet also use social media. 

Platforms have become increasingly more accessible from when the boom of social media hit. Tablets, Mobile and Internet are now being used regularly. Countries such as India and China have seen some of the largest growth across the world. This could be linked to their advancements in technology, as well as an increase in population.

As part of the top 10 social media statistics you should know, this should be the most basic of them all. With the rise in digital, more and more people are joining social media on a daily basis.

Time spent on Social Media is nearing saturation 

The time spent on social media is also increasing at an alarming rate, especially across the 16-24 demographic, as they are using each platform for nearly 3 hours per day. This is most likely caused by all the elements that are now intertwined on social media.

Social Media is interwoven with our daily lives

A day without social media, is similar to giving up your most prized possession. With social media becoming so accessible via the internet, mobile and tablet applications, nearly 99% of those with a platform did have some access last year. Also with a growing number of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat to name a few, most users have around 8 different platforms they utilise.

Social Media has also become a go to for people looking for advice on potential purchases. Customers are also influenced by what their favourite social media celebrities are using, hence the increase in social media influencers over the past few years.

Videos still top media on Social Media

Video content still leads in terms of what people want to see on social media. 90% of internet users say that they have watched at least one film a month and 60% say they have watched a video on some form of social platform in the last month. If you are not putting out videos or vlogs then you really need to be. 

Social Media advertising is increasing 

Social media advertising is growing, and with a reported 20 billion to be spent in 2020, now is the time to get involved. This is due to the increase in digital platforms and also how people are digesting content. 27% of consumers said they have purchased after seeing an advert on social media. 

Businesses and companies will find advertising more and more competitive as time goes on, however being involved now will gain results. Targeting your audience, and producing content they want to see will only help to capture your audience. 

Instagram Statistics

Instagram is a platform that continues to grow and grow on a daily and also monthly basis. As a platform, it now has over 1 billion active users with profiles. These will vary from businesses/companies to general day to day users. In terms of content more than half of its monthly users will open Instagram stories, and explore the platform per month.

Businesses and companies have benefited from the platform, as 92% of all users say they have followed a brand, clicked on a website link or made a purchase from a story or post. This proves the financial gain to be had on this platform. Using Instagram as an advertising platform has also grown. With Instagram reaching more than 900 million users per year. 

Facebook Statistics 

Facebook is the king of social media, and the numbers back this up whole heartedly. With 2.5 billion users per month, it is the largest social media platform. 

As far as how social media can help a business, Facebook has grown to be a strong marketing platform. And with their acquisition of Instagram a few years back, they only look to be getting stronger. 1.95 billion people can be reached by ads placed on the platform. This would mean that facebook ads reach over 32% of everyone around the world. MADNESS!

In terms of active business users, there are 140 million accounts currently active across the globe. Paid media has also taken a huge leap in the past few years, with 26%+ having used Facebook for their paid platform.

Twitter statistics 

Twitter was one of the original users of the hashtag, and continues to be one of the leading platforms. Currently Twitter is one of the most profitable platforms, having an overall earning revenue of over 1 billion dollars. This is a 11% increase on the year before, for a supposed platform which is in decline.

Even though Twitter is a universal platform, 20% of the users are based in the U.S, therefore if you are looking to break into America, this would be a great platform to advertise on. Alongside its massive revenue potential, is its popularity. Twitter still holds onto a top ten spot as its the 6th most visited website on the internet. 

If you want to know how Twitter is projected to perform in 202 then take a look at this article by the team over at Hootsuite. Twitter Statistics 

YouTube Statistics 

YouTube is growing, and with media being one of the largest draws on social media, YouTube will more than likely see this growth spike in 2020. It currently has more than 2 billion visitors each month, so marketing opportunities are in abundance. Brands and companies are now taking advantage of this, so the amount of adverts has dramatically increased. 

With the advertising side of YouTube growing, the customer’s journey has become more and more prevalent. 80% of customers who purchased from a business via YouTube have looked at some form of content in the past. 

LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn has become one the best business based social media platforms in recent times. 675 million people use LinkedIn each month, with more than two new members joining each second. LinkedIn attracts the business professional so has now become more and more popular with companies looking to recruit, market or even advertise themselves. 

Marketing, Lead Generation and Recruitment are the largest markets on LinkedIn. This is mainly due to 30 millions companies active on the platform. For most, Lead Generation and Marketing is super important as this can generate revenue. 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for Lead Generation.

To Conclude 

Social Media is a growing route to generate more and more revenue for your business. However, as you can see from these 10 statistics, it is very very competitive. Therefore setting yourself apart is going to be key to any success. Persevere, be creative and be consistent. The results will come. 

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