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15 Surprising Stats About Lead Generation

In these 15 surprising stats about lead generation, we’ll discuss how technology has advanced over time, forever changing the marketing landscape, so you have to be evergreen with growing and adapting.

Our attention span has decreased from what it was 50 years ago, our minds constantly distracted.

Meaning that it takes longer for businesses to engage us with their offers. In turn, they have to put more money, time and resources into getting customers!

That’s not what you want in today’s age. You want customers to be engaged with your content and the products you sell as quickly as possible. Lead generation is the way forward.

Not only does it allow businesses to nurture their leads but it allows businesses to give value to their customers. You don’t have to sell straight away through lead generation, you could take them to a fantastic blog on your site and convert them to a customer later on.

The 15 surprising stats below will probably blow your mind. It’s not often that happens to the human brain, but at Lead Genera, we create the impossible with a new kind of marketing.

Did you know that in the 1950s computers went by the name Electronic Brains? Bet you didn’t! And with that in mind here are 15 surprising stats about lead generation that’ll make you think twice. Not once, but twice!

Table of contents:

    1. 40% of marketers say getting a response from prospects has become more challenging over the years

    Not only has the way humans interact with each other changed over time but the way we use technology has as well. It now takes a lot of interaction from companies to get successfully engaged with a prospect. Keeping them engaged is even harder.

    This makes it harder for marketers to get a response from prospects. It probably surprises you that the percentage is so high. But times have changed, people have changed and the way of engaging people has dramatically changed.

    Marketers have to constantly find new ways of engaging their prospects, to make lead generation and marketing worthwhile.

    2. Studies show that businesses who publish 16 or more blogs each month will generate up to three and a half times more leads

    People are always saying that the more blogs you write, the more leads you will generate. And this has been proven by a recent study that shows that a business who publishes 16 or more blogs per month will generate three and a half times more leads than a business who publishes 4 or fewer blogs! 

    You should be putting time and effort into your blogs, or investing in a content writer who can produce easily 16 or more blogs per month.

    As long as the content is engaging and good quality, the leads will be rolling in as people are seeing the value and buying from your business. Time to get writing those blogs!

    3. 63% of people looking for information about a business purchase for at least three months

    Just because a prospect is looking up about your company and visiting your website it doesn’t mean that they are quite ready to buy – just yet. The staggering stat might surprise you, but lead generation isn’t always straight forward.

    You have to reach out to your prospect, establish a connection with them and build a bridge of trust. This will help them buy from the business and encourage them to buy from you.

    4. 47% of marketers believe that email marketing is the most effective way of nurturing their leads

    The fourth surprising stat about lead generation is that nearly 50 percent of marketers think that email marketing is the best way to help nurture their leads.

    It’s no surprise as email marketing allows you to build trust with the prospect and encourages them to engage and ask questions.

    By using email to build that trust, you are increasing the chances of that prospect then buying from your business but also coming directly to you in future for sales or advice.

    5. Businesses that use Twitter actively are twice as likely to get leads compared to a business that doesn’t use Twitter

    Using social media actively, and correctly, is one of the best ways to generate leads organically. Twitter is a platform that is used for interaction and quick, short answers to people’s questions.

    It is not a shock that those businesses who use Twitter are doubling their chances of getting leads than those businesses who don’t. 

    If your business is not on Twitter yet, or you’re not actively using it. I suggest you go over there and start right now! You could have some new leads sooner than you think.

    6. Having more than 40 landing pages can get you up to seven times more leads than having just one to five landing pages

    Sixth on our list of 15 surprising facts about lead generation is reinforced by recent reports, showing that businesses who have more than 40 landing pages are up to SEVEN times more likely to get leads than those who have just one to five.

    I bet you’re surprised at that stat about lead generation, aren’t you? Most people dismiss landing pages and don’t tend to use them, but it increases your chances of landing leads by tonnes!

    Landing pages allow you to funnel your customer and choose specifically what you want them to see or do on your website. It can mean that you direct people to put their information in to generate a lead, or educating them with great information and later converting them to a lead.

    7. A/B testing your campaigns could generate you up to 40% more leads 

    Do you A/B test your campaigns? Surprisingly, you could be getting up to 40% more leads if you do! By doing a split test for your lead generation campaigns, you could get more leads out of it. It’s such a simple thing to do and gets your business more leads and more sales.

    8. It was found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for B2B businesses at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter 

    LinkedIn is the fastest growing platform for B2B businesses. It’s shown that it can be 277% more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.

    You want to choose the right social platform for your business, so if you are B2B and not currently using LinkedIn, it might be worth checking it out. You are going to be increasing your lead generation massively.

    9. 300 new customers a month could be made out of 1,800 leads made from 470,000 website visitors 

    The amount of traffic to your website should be really important to you. There is a high chance that the visitor will turn into a lead, and then hopefully a customer.

    You should be constantly pushing traffic to your site, whether this is through social media or blogs, or even lead generation focused pay per click advertising using Google Ads.

    (Read our article on why you should be using Google Ads to advertise your business here).

    Fundamentally, the more traffic you have to your website, the higher the probability of getting a lead and a new customer will be.

    And then you have a platform to work with and you can begin to look at conversion rate optimisations, on-page conversions and online & offline conversions. We will discuss this further in another article.

    10. More than 43% of businesses that currently have a Facebook page have said that they generate leads from it

    This is probably a surprising stat, but businesses have said that they can generate leads from their Facebook page. Most users on Facebook aren’t looking to purchase, but it seems that businesses content and advertisements are compelling people into doing just that.

    With the power of organic social media and advertisements, businesses can successfully generate leads from their Facebook page. 

    They can then nurture this lead and convert it into a sale for the business. Getting a Facebook page should be your top priority for lead generation right now if you don’t already have one!

    11. 93% of people’s experience online begins with a search engine

    Many people’s experience online will begin with a search engine. They’ll type in a keyword that they are wanting to look into on a search engine, and then up pops your brilliantly SEO’d a website right near the top for them to see.

    You need to capture these people right away to convert them to a lead, and this is why your Meta Title and Meta Description is so important. 

    Without this, customers won’t want to click on your website as they don’t know what you’re trying to sell them or even what your business is about.

    This stat is probably not that surprising as most people shop online these days but you still need to ensure that your customer’s journey is perfect right from the start.

    12. Up to 80% of people will ignore paid adverts while using a search engine 

    That stat probably surprises you. But people don’t like to be sold to, they like to make their own decisions and will choose where they will purchase from.

    Although paid adverts can bring you in a majority of your leads, you should also ensure that your website ranks highly too as this means that if they don’t click on the advert, there will be another chance for people to visit your website and convert to a lead.

    Customers are always changing how they engage online, and this will impact your lead generation. You should try to stay ahead of the game and make small changes now and then to your adverts and SEO to keep customers engaged.

    13. Only 3% of your target market is actively buying

    A very small percentage of your target market is going to be actively buying. The other 97% will need to be nurtured and taken along your sales funnel to ensure that you can sell to them successfully.

    Because such a small percentage is buying, you should try and aim your content to be persuading people to purchase and educating them, giving them value. This will help your lead generation and increase the number of leads you get in for your business.

    14. One out of four marketers don’t know how to gauge their lead generation efforts

    Surprisingly, one in four marketers doesn’t know the success of their lead generation efforts. This is why you should be tracking your different methods of lead generation, whether this is through Search Engine adverts or organic social media.

    Not knowing how well a type of lead generation is going, will damage your business greatly.

    15. Search engines can drive 300% more traffic to content sites than social media 

    When people use the search engine to find something, they tend to be looking for something very specific. If you have SEO’d your website correctly or are using paid advertisements, you’re going to be getting a lot of traffic to your content if it is of interest to people. 

    On the other hand, people go on social media to be nosy and look at cute dogs. They aren’t necessarily looking to buy a hoover or some clothes at that moment in time.

    Bearing this in mind, you should be using the search engines to your advantage to drive lots of traffic to your website. It can increase your lead generation and could produce more leads than social media.

    To Summarise our 15 Surprising Stats About Lead Generation:

    The 15 Surprising Stats About Lead Generation is a great way to find out things you didn’t know and expand your knowledge on lead generation once again!

    In summary:

    • Not everyone is looking to buy straight away and you have to be ready to nurture your leads that you create from lead generation
    • You should choose the correct social media platform for your business to produce the most leads but also help in the success of your business online
    • Use a variety of lead generation methods as the way people buy and look for things will be constantly changing
    • Ensure that you can track the success of your different types of lead generation to improve them and increase the success of that method
    • Remember that not everyone will be clicking on adverts on search engines, so make sure your website is ranking highly to increase the chances of your lead generation