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5 Cliches in Lead Generation You Should Avoid

Online shopping has increased hugely over the past few years. With figures showing that one in every five pounds a business makes is made online. People are favouring online shopping over in-life shopping and lots of businesses have caught onto this. With lead generation expanding online as more and more businesses use it, you have to make your business stand out from the crowd to win your target market over. Below let’s take a look at the top 5 cliches in lead generation you should avoid.

You don’t want to be copying other people’s content and what they have written as customers will get bored of seeing the same phrases over and over. You want your business to be unique. You want your business to stand out. And that’s why we have devised the top 5 cliches you should avoid in lead generation to make sure you don’t bore your customers to death!

Table of contents:

    1. ‘This is a 360-degree solution’

    We don’t think this is quite what you are trying to say. If your product or service is 360-degrees then the people purchasing will end up right where they started. This is certainly not what the customer wants.

    Social media channels shouldn’t be bland and boring – they should stand out from the crowd! You should focus your content on real language rather than cliches. It’s better for your customers, and your SEO. And of course your lead generation.

    This is one of the cliches in lead generation you should most certainly avoid, as it just doesn’t make any sense. Instead, you should be telling your customers that your business is offering something different to all the rest, tell them what you have to offer and the sales will come.

    2. The 2nd Cliche of Lead Generation: ‘Content is King’

    In many cases, this phrase is deemed true. Quality content marketing is needed to ensure higher rankings on search engines and to offer fantastic value to your customers. But, it has now become so repetitive it’s lost its message and should be avoided. Although content is very important, you shouldn’t just be throwing any old thing out there. You should be working hard to ensure that what you put out is valuable and worth something. If this means that you are producing less content, so be it! Customers want good content, not lots of bad content at their fingertips.

    Take a step back and evaluate the content you currently have out there. Is it quality? Is it valuable? Should you be working harder to ensure that your content is better? Valuable content will bring customers to your website, and bring in sales for your business. Ensure that you are putting time into producing your content or your lead generation is not going to work to its full capacity.

    3. ‘You should be focusing on making your social media viral’

    Third on our list for the top 5 cliches in lead generation, that many people are trying to make their social media content go viral. But very few succeed and even then, it will wear off and you will lose traffic to your website. 

    Creating a viral campaign will take lots of hard work, and money, as well as a dash of luck. There is no way to tell if your article or creative image you have made is going to go viral or not, it needs to be posted at the right time and receive the right amount of engagement to encourage people to share it. 

    Instead of focusing on creating viral content for a vast amount of people, you should be creating content that your audience is going to love. You should be investing in lead generation that offers value for your customers to help your business build brand recognition and trust with potential customers.

    4. ‘Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill’

    The fourth cliche to avoid in lead generation is to not focus all of your attention on one small thing that doesn’t matter in the grander scheme of things. By focusing on something deemed as insignificant, you could be overusing that method of lead generation and spending lots of money on it for no return.

    You should be focusing on lots of different methods of lead generation and have a truly well thought out lead generation strategy to ensure you are using all possible ways to generate leads. By spreading your lead generation budget over multiple sources you are increasing your chances of generating leads for your business.

    5. ‘We are taking (your product) to the next level’

    You should be telling your customers that your products ARE the best, not that they are going to be the best. This phrase is used in many marketing campaigns, but it damages your brand more than helps it grow and expand. Using the phrase shows your customers that you think your products aren’t the best in the market but you will make them better. They should already be the best or you should be telling your customers that they are the best!

    We have seen this phrase in many different marketing materials, and it is one to avoid. You should be telling your customers that you have the best products or services and that they should buy them for this reason. 

    To Summarise

    The 5 Cliches in Lead Generation You Should Avoid has been composed to ensure you aren’t making the same mistakes lots of other marketers make! It will help boost your lead generation and ensure you are standing out from the crowd.

    A summary of our Top 5 Cliches in Lead Generation You Should Avoid:

    • Focus on creating quality content for your website to give value for your customers
    • Don’t spend all your lead generation budget on one form of lead generation, you should be spreading it between lots of different methods
    • Tell your customers that your products are the best on the market, give them reasons for this and persuade them to buy from you 
    • Avoid these cliches in lead generation at all costs as they could be damaging your business more than growing it

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