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The 10 Best and Easy Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation is a key avenue for businesses and companies to explore when it comes to generating revenue for their business. The process of building a lead generation strategy is not a difficult one, it is a case of having goals, and knowing what you need to do to attract your audience. With that in mind, this article will explore the 10 best and easy lead generation strategies you can use. 

Email marketing is a great way to entice customers to add their data to your system. You can then inform them of offers or new products and services that you may be offering. Email marketing however can be tough to crack due to the amount of emails, or spam people receive from other companies. 

However, do not ignore it. Being able to inform your previous customers about the goings on in your business is a great way to get them back as a repeat customer. Keep the email brief, and straight to the point. Include links to the various product pages, and also links to content to keep driving that organic traffic.

  • Blog Consistently 

One of the most important on the 10 best and easy lead generation strategies is content. Content is one of the most important elements of being able to build your organic traffic. Blogging is a great way to do this, as it allows you to write engaging content about your industry. Don’t worry, you do not need to be an expert writer, just think about the issues within your industry, news in your industry or even your products and services.

Once you are writing content, make sure it’s consistent. Content on a weekly basis is what will be best to move you up the search rankings. There are more elements to moving up the rankings, but consistency is what brings back your audience. If they like what they read, they will continue to keep coming back. 

  • Post Consistently On Social Media 

As with blogging, your content and consistency go hand in hand. Social Media is no different, and utilising the platforms you have are very important for your branding and also growth. Being consistent means that your followers will see your post more frequently, and also are more likely to follow you due to your content. 

When it comes to posting, promoting your blogs and articles is a great use of social media. Firstly it helps your audience to build an association with your brand and what you are about. Secondly, it drives traffic. Your blogs and articles are there to gain you organic traffic, and if you are utilising SEO, social media can also help to drive it to your site.

  • Get Involved In Networking 

Networking is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. Networking can be done in two forms. Firstly being physical networking in your local, regional area or even national. Choosing which events to attend is going to be key, and knowing who is attending will also be important. You want to make sure you can work the room, speak to people, introduce yourself and build relationships which could be profitable in the future. 

If you are not so partial to meeting lots of new people then social media, or LinkedIn from a business sense is going to your thing. You are able to build connections, partake in posting/forums or even join groups. This is a great way to generate business if you are not able to make the events you so wish to attend. 

Using both methods is the ideal. Social Media is great for building your brand, and also your connections. However, it can take time to reach the desired outcomes you want. Using physical networking is a great way to put faces to names, and also build a personal rapport.

  • Plan Your Work – Stick To It

Building a lead generation plan is a great thing to do, and you will need it in order to really track your progress. However, where most businesses will fail is not following through on the plan, and losing track of your goals and targets. 

Your plan is the building block for your business, and undoubtedly will change over time to suit your goals, and the ever changing market you operate in. But follow the plan and you will see results. Remain consistent.

  • Design Great Offers

Your customers love offers, and with great offers you will see your customers coming back for more, and also attracting new ones. Offers allow you to also reward customers. Repeat business is a great way to maintain a revenue stream whilst focusing on building new custom. 

Offers can be discounts, freebies or even free shipping. When devising an offer make sure it’s something your audience wants and it will be attractive to them.

  • Use Customer Success 

Customer Success stories are a great way to drive people to your business. Other customers will naturally look at reviews of your business to get a better understanding of what it is like to work with you. Success stories really help to cement the business, and how great it is to be provided products and services. Ultimately it helps to show your track record when dealing with various clients as well. 

  • Be Personable 

With the digital age upon us more than ever, it can sometimes be hard to communicate with customers in a personable manner. Especially if you are not able to go to physical networking events. All of your business does not need to be via email, or through various social media channels in order for it to be effective. 

The days of cold calling, or calling prospects is still upon us. Calling allows you to build rapport quicker, and really understand what is going on with their situation, and what do they require. If you are doing this over your competitors, it is more than likely you are going to win the business.

  • Utilise Effective Call To Actions

Call to actions and also the use of effective landing pages help to create a sense of urgency within your clients. Make it clear with what you are looking to achieve, and wanting them to do really helps with lead generation. One of the most effective methods is to use a page which converts web traffic into leads. This could be a call back form, or a subscribe form.

  • Keep Consistent 

As with all elements of marketing especially the 10 best and easy lead generation strategies, consistency is key. Making sure you are posting on your social media regularly, putting out new content or ensuring your email marketing is done regularly. These are the ways in which you will increase that brand awareness, and ultimately help you to get more of a following. 

If keeping consistent is tough due to day to day running of your business then you can utilise different pieces of software. Software such as hootsuite and mailchimp. Both still require your input, but can help to automate postings, and time your content goes out.

To Conclude

As you can see from the 10 best and easy lead generation strategies the process of building a strategy is not difficult. However, it’s the planning and consistency that needs to be focused on first. Knowing your audience, and even what your competitors are doing can really help you shape what you are trying to achieve.

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