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Using Video Marketing For Lead Generation

When it comes to marketing, video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience. YouTube has helped grow that model, and now more and more businesses are using video to help build their following. For some, it may not be an option you will want to explore. This could be through a variety of reasons. In this article however we will look at how using video marketing for lead generation can benefit your business 

Why Videos Work?

Videos have come out of nowhere. For that we have YouTube to thank. Video marketing delivers a higher level of engagement amongst viewers compared to text as naturally people will watch a video over reading text. When it comes to marketing, engagement is vital. Being able to keep your audience engaged means a better chance to generate these people into leads. 

Generating Leads With Videos

When building a lead generation strategy this is usually made up of three stages. Content Strategy, Promotion and Acquisition. The idea of these three stages is to maximise reach and also how you can generate leads from your views and audience.

Content Strategy

When it comes to video marketing as with all marketing your content strategy needs to be on point. This is mainly due to success being linked heavily to the kind of videos that you produce. Videos need to be even more targeted to your audience than content, and in some ways it is harder to do this. 

Viral videos reach millions of viewers. This is great. But what if in them millions of viewers only 5% are actually part of your target audience? Do not misunderstand the need for a content strategy and really understanding who and what your market looks like. 

Your video content needs to add value to your audience. This could be focused around your products and services, advice or maybe just something which your audience has an interest in. Whatever it may be, make sure it fits your strategy.


In order to generate more leads from your videos you need to ensure that it is promoted correctly. Linking your video marketing to your social media is the best way to do this. Promote your content on social media, draw them into your videos and then use this as a way to generate leads.

Other than social media, using influencers is a great way to generate to promote your content. YouTube has made this more prevalent in the marketing world. Using those who have millions of followers to promote your business is a great model to use. Make sure however these influencers have the correct following for your business.

How Do I Generate Leads?

Generating leads is vital to a business when it comes to revenue streams. Leads provide you an opportunity to someone who is interested in purchasing your products and services. By having these potential customers in front of you you can really build a strong and positive revenue for your business. 

How you go about generating these leads from videos are unique, and the best ways to do this are as follows:

Gated Content

Gated content does exactly what it says on the tin. This where you are producing video content but it is locked. In order for your audience to unlock this video they need to provide some information. This could be an email, contact number or an address. All of these are data capture and give you more opportunity, and also reason to contact people.


If you are using YouTube then building your subscribers is the best way to gain a following. When your audience subscribes to your videos they then receive a notification when you upload a new post. Therefore meaning returning visitors. Make sure you stay consistent in your uploads, and you will build that following further.


Using cards is a great way to generate leads. No, we do not mean things made out of card or paper. But instead ending cards on your videos. This could be links to social media, contact numbers or contact email addresses. And also provides your audience a chance to enter their details. 

Data capture is going to be key to success. You can then use this data moving forward for social media, blogs or even sending out your monthly newsletter.

To Conclude

Using video marketing for lead generation is one of the newest and best ways to attract your audience. Videos and also YouTube in particular have become so prevalent for brands when it comes to their marketing. Creating a good plan, and being able to execute it is going to be key to success. Also, making sure you target your videos to your audience. 

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