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What is a Lead Generation Specialist?

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In this article we are taking a brief look into What is a Lead Generation Specialist?

What is a Lead Generation Specialist?

If you run a B2B (Business to business) business then you know how important it is to have a continuous supply of good, quality leads. Without leads, you won’t have sales or new customers, without sales you do not have a business.

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into a product, service or business. Many B2B organizations are spending over half of their marketing budgets on lead generation but it seems that the investment may not be paying off and providing a good return.

Organizations are now recognizing the benefit of working with someone who specialises in lead generation. But what exactly is a lead generation specialist?

Table of contents:

    What is the main job of a lead generation specialist?

    Think of a lead generation specialist as like having your own personal sales person who is continuously searching for the right people, businesses and setting up the connections for you. A lead generation specialist work with leads generated by your other activities (marketing campaigns, social media, advertising, customer referrals) and help generate new ones.

    A lead generation specialist knows a quality lead and will provide you with many expert led services this may include sales representatives that aren’t just sales professionals but also experts in the field you operate in.

    Because of the combination of their sales backgrounds and industry expertise you should view a lead generation specialist as a virtual extension of your team. They are dedicated experts in lead generation and are familiar with and take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business, industry and competitors.

    A lead generation specialist speeds up the sales cycle and provide you with dedicated tools and resources that you may not have along with the methodology and technology to help find those who are actively looking for the services that you provide.

    The two main jobs a lead generation specialist has is;

    1. Ensure a good volume of good quality leads and pass them over to sales to close.
    2. Research new leads and engage them in order to qualify them for sales.

    Why is having a lead generation specialist so important to your business?

    A lead generation specialist makes sure that the leads are legitimate and not going to be a waste of the sales teams time and effort.

    It is important to your business have a lad generation specialist because someone must follow up on the opportunities that marketing delivers as well as thinking outside of the box forging new connections and delivering leads to you that may not have engaged in your business otherwise.

    It can be an important job of a lead generation specialist to make sure all of the lads provided are legitimate. They can normally do their own cold calling and only deliver quality leads to the sales team as the lead generation specialists process has made each leads intention clear.

    What is the benefit of outsourcing lead generation to a lead generation specialist?

    One of the main benefits of outsourcing your lead generation to a lead generation specialist is cost. It is less expensive to outsource to a lead generation specialist then it is to do it in house. Normally this also comes with more bandwidth as they can make more calls per day and thus deliver more leads.

    By outsourcing it also allows you to limit to a fixed cost, whereby if the return isn’t worthwhile then it is as simple as not renewing the contract with the lead generation specialist therefore the risk is smaller.

    The main benefits of outsourcing to a lead generation specialist is they can verify contact information when they have a substantial volume of leads coming through, they can qualify leads through telemarketing and data recognition software as well as setting up appointments for your sales team so they can focus on selling.

    What services does a lead generation specialist offer?

    As a business outsourcing to a lead generation specialist you are able to save time and money by also looking at the other services a lead generation specialist is likely to offer.

    The services a lead generation specialist offer has now evolved and they will now likely offer a range of services such as;

    • Database management
    • Process efficiency
    • Market identification
    • Data analysis
    • Content syndication

    A lead generation specialist offers services where they can generate new leads from an outbound telemarketing and pre-qualify leads to make the sales funnel more efficient. They use their telemarketing research and expertise to find new prospects and warm them up so they are ready to be forwarded straight to the sales team then all they have to do is close the sale!

    Many lead generation specialists will also offer a pre-qualification service and only send the most promising leads to your sales team.

    Many B2B businesses are now investing in using a lead generation specialist for the main reason of taking away the burden from the sales team and freeing them up to focus on sales. It is also a great motivator for the sales team as they will be dealing with warm leads that have been pre-qualified and delivered straight to them.

    In essence by using a lead generation specialist and the services that they offer you are getting an outsourced team of experts who share the same goal and vision for success that you do.

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