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2020, The Year of Lead Generation!

Topic: 2020, The Year of Lead Generation.

Less than one month before the start of 2020, where has the year gone! As you start the wind down for the new year, now is the best time to be thinking about how you are going to grow the business next year.

Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t but investing in marketing could be the difference between a good year, and a great year.

Now marketing comes in many forms, however we want to focus on what marketing you need to do in order to generate leads. Leads no matter what business you are in, are so valuable.

To begin..

Now I am sure you have been doing your research, or at least interested in how Leads can generate revenue for your business. As we mentioned at the start, with 2020 around the corner if you haven’t put together a marketing plan now is the time to do it.

We have put together a short list of where we feel you should focus your attention. As well as the main area which we also feel will generate the most leads.

SEO – The king of content

Content is king! Yes we said it, Content is King. Now let us explain why…

How people view their content is changing. With more people owning a device such as a smartphone or a tablet, the internet has become more accessible. In recent years we have seen rise in blogging, and seen tremendous effects on companies revenue.

Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Nike & Adidas have all adopted the blogging/article method. They use they market knowledge, and products to promote their brands, and to engage their audience.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation has been around for a while, but is now more prevalent in content marketing. SEO utilises key search terms and words to make your blog/article more accessible to readers searching for them terms.

Creating optimised blogs/articles and focusing on content marketing can draw a new audience to your business. Make sure you end each article with a link to your page, and a call to action!


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is growing. It’s a FACT. With the world’s population growing, more and more people on a daily basis are signing up the various social media platforms.

One for professionals to always consider is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the business social network, allowing professionals to interact and engage with each other. Being active, promoting yourself and your brand can lead to untold recommendations and Leads.

The usual Instagram and Facebook are still booming! Instagram is expected to take over as the largest of all the platforms in the next few years, as seeing the world through pictures has become more popular. The rise in sponsored posts and associated with Pay Per Click (PPC) make Instagram a platform not to be missed,

Email Marketing

The old guard, however still very effective. You will see lots of businesses in 2020 still utilising Email Marketing especially those with a large client base.

However, if you do not have a large client, utilise your website to gain traction. Ask visitors to sign up to your page, and from there generate an email list.

This ties in well with content writing as well, Make sure what you are sending to your subscribers is engaging and interesting. In terms of leads, email marketing can produce a high ROI.

Although remember you are directly sending content to your recipient. Having a clear idea of how you are going to generate leads from email marketing will only help your success rate.

To Summarise: 2020, The Year of Lead Generation!

Realistically none of the methods on their own are going to give paralleled amounts of success, without a plan, and secondly on their own.

As a rule of thumb, all successful marketing plans are made up of combinations of Content, Social Media and Email marketing among others. However all of the above do have massive amount of potential to generate new clients on a lead basis.