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Outsourcing Your Lead Generation

We have put together a little tell all guide to what outsourcing your lead generation could do for your business.

As a business/company you may be using various techniques and methods in order to generate leads. Most will be using conventional marketing such as social media and blogging. But now you want to step up your lead generation game, and really kick start 2020. Outsourcing your lead generation could be the answer. 

What do Lead Generation companies do?

You will be surprised to know Lead Generation companies don’t just have stacks and stacks of leads ready to dish out to clients. No, in actual fact they do the leg work for you to generate them. A Lead Generation company will usually specialise in one or two areas but often will offer multiple areas such as:-

From the list above you will see you are hiring a Lead Generation business for more than just extra revenue streams. All of the above will add value to the business, promote the brand and also put you in front of customers which you may have not had access to previously.

What else do I get from a Lead Generation company?

So apart from the obvious what we listed above, you will be pleased to know that your outsourced Lead Generation business will also focus on:-

Build you a plan & Promote your brand

A good outsourced business will be able to build you an effective marketing and lead generation plan. This will focus on which platforms to use, what content needs to be created and also target audience. Being able to utilise the correct platforms is going to be key to your success. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn are providing great brand presence in the market.

Become Experts

They try to become experts in your field. Now, they will never be up to your level, however to create engaging content they will need to do their research. A good outsourcing company will do their research into your field, your target market and also the location you are going to cover. They also do this due to needing to create engaging content for your audience. This could be in the form of social media posts, blogs and articles. All will be aimed to create talking points to promote your brand.

Contacts & Data

Utilising their own contacts, and data is a massive advantage against your competitors. An established outsourcing business will already have an understanding of where the leads are going to be generated. They will also be able to interpret that market data in order to create a successful plan.

We feel the key take away from this is to look at your Lead Generation company as an extra arm of your own business. Yes they are there to help generate revenue, but they are also there to promote and build your brand presence. This in turn should generate extra revenue and leads, but ultimately is all part of the wider marketing plan.

How do I choose which Lead Generation business to use?

We will address this one first, yes cost. Cost is always going to be the main way in which companies choose who they are going to use. We suggest speaking to a few however. Before hand take a look at what you think you are going to need, and what you require. From this you will get a better understanding of where the costs you are outlaying are going to be utilised.

Also consider who works for the company and their backgrounds. At Lead Genera we are lucky to have a really experienced team of marketing and content experts, as well as a technical team who also have a lot of experience. However, as some companies are now only venturing in Lead Generation, look at their backgrounds and what they have done previously. Ideally they will have a strong background in Marketing, or the digital space.

Besides that, who you feel most comfortable with. Have a chat with them, ask them what they can do, and potentially see if they can tell you who they work with. This will give you a better understanding of their area of expertise.

To Summarise

As with most things using specialists within a chosen field they will have a better understanding of how to be successful. This is no different with Lead Generation. Using a lead generation specialist will stand you in good stead to really maximise your efforts. Building a plan, utilising multiple marketing channels, and also passing potentially qualified leads are all part of the process.

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