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Why you should use PPC for Lead Generation

Lead Generation has become one of most talked about things in marketing and also sales. From a marketing perspective, most companies and businesses will use various marketing channels to try and generate leads. Leads can help a business to increase revenue by finding new customs. Why you should use PPC for Lead Generation is very much a question asked by many companies.

PPC and paid media has grown rapidly over the past few years, and is the weapon of choice shall we say for many businesses looking to grow their online presence. So if you can link PPC together with your Lead Generation strategy then you are onto a winner right? Well let’s find out.

 Why you should use PPC for Lead Generation 

Using PPC for lead generation does have its benefits. Lets remember PPC is part of paid advertising so some investment is needed to get it off the ground. However, some of the things to also consider are:-

PPC ads are targeted

When looking to build a good lead generation strategy you must prioritise lead quality as well as quantity. You need to be able to generate enough leads to be able to record their success rate. A PPC ad is targeted at those who are likely to buy your product or services.

PPC offers solid ROI

Most companies will resist using PPC due to having to pay for it. They will not realise the potential ROI that a good PPC campaign can return. Knowledge of PPC and a good plan are also needed however, but if you can generate 1 or 2 new customers, then you are more than covering your initial start up costs. Google stats show on average you can earn eight times what you invest by using PPC.

 Faster Results than SEO 

SEO has been one of the go to areas of marketing for a long time, as utilising a search engine criteria has been very successful. However to generate the rankings you need, and also the traffic could take a long time. 

PPC campaigns however are proven to be a much quicker way to generate a following, and also leads. This is because you are able to approach the relevant people straight away. As long as you have strong landing pages and adverts then you will start getting leads in quicker than with SEO.

Find your audience where they are

There are more than 3.5 billion searches that occur everyday, and with Google the go to resource it is definitely the time to get involved. We will touch upon tracking later on in this blog, however you can track and see where your audience is coming from. 

Social Media, search engines or popular websites are all places you will find potential customers, this is why PPC is so important. Utilising PPC tracking you can see where your audience is, and make commercial decisions on where best to spend your money and efforts. 

PPC does not just generate you Leads and Revenue, it also shows a business where they should strategically place their marketing efforts.

If you are new to marketing and want to know how to identify your audience correctly then take a look at this post by Hootsuite. How to Define Your Target Market: A Guide to Audience

Know where your leads are coming from

Data and tracking are going to be your new best friend. You will want to track where your investment has gone, and if you are going to be seeing a return on your investment. But also you are going to want to see where your leads have come from.

A PPC campaign will allow you to do just that. By tracking your campaign you are easily able to see who your audience are and what they respond to. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments to be able to reach your audience further. 

The tracking element of PPC in both scenarios also allows you to show evidence to the higher ups in your business that it is an effective marketing tool with investing in. 

To Conclude

As you can see PPC adds more value than just a marketing tool. Quite simply the answer to why you should use PPC for Lead Generation is simple. Because you can generate quality leads, find out more about your audience and also make your brand noticeable in the market. Tracking your leads generated and doing this effectively will also help to show your bosses, or owners that the investment is worthwhile.