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5 Great Ways to Generate Leads Using Facebook

Every good business owner knows the significance of incoming leads to the growth of their business. The only way to expand your business is to get more sales, and to get more sales you need to convert more of your leads into paying customers. That suggests that you have to generate more leads for the growth of your business. One sure start way to create and incoming stream of leads for your business is through advertising on Facebook. In this article we discuss 5 great ways to generate leads using Facebook, helping you to get more customers for your business.

Why Lead Generation is Important

Generating leads is not the hardest task. Generating leads that turn into paying customers and come with a high conversion rate is where expertise is needed. Nowadays, most entrepreneurs and business owners are utilising a range of different social media platforms for generating leads for their business. Social media platforms are one of the most favourable platforms for reaching customers and connecting with your audience directly.

As a business owner, you have to apply smart strategies to get more leads for your business. You should possess adequate knowledge of using social media platforms to promote your business in different ways.

Facebook and Lead Generation

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook has been recognised as the most efficient platform for generating leads. Facebook allows you to connect with more customers than any other platform. As of October 2020, there were 45.94 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom. This was over a million more than the number of Facebook users a year prior, in October 2019.

You may find people don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account, however, finding a person who doesn’t have a Facebook account in this day and age is rare among this internet-based generation. Moreover, the tech team behind Facebook are constantly developing the platform into a desirable go-to for marketing and business promotions.

Recent studies have shown that Facebook is a better option than other social media platforms to generate more leads and increase your sales. If you’re not familiar with the strategies of getting leads using Facebook, we delve into a few thinking points below:

What are the 5 Great Ways to Generate Leads Using Facebook?

1. Determine your Target Audience

Facebook is an open platform, and many different types of people will visit your page. Before you open your official Facebook page for your business, you must determine your target audience.

Your official Facebook business page must contain content that is addressed to your target audience whilst showcasing all of the unique features and services that your business offers.

Advertise your brand wisely through your page so that your target audience finds your content useful. Highlight why your services are better than competitors. This is an effective way to start generating leads and inbound enquiries using Facebook.

2. Know What your Customers Want

You must analyse what the customers and the visitors to your page may want to gain from their visit. The only way to grab potential customers is to post content that is engaging. Posting less engaging or irrelevant content won’t help your Facebook page to connect with and reach more people. Your Facebook page should provide glimpses of your services and what your business offers.

This helps your visitors to have a clear idea of what your business provides and why they would choose you. These details will entice more customers towards your advertisement, and provide you with more chances to generate leads. That’s why you should post content that is best suited for your potential customers.

3. Make your Page More Interactive

Interacting with visitors and answering their questions will be benefit you in the short and long term. Allow visitors to easily ask questions directly related to your services via your messenger inbox, or in the comment sections of posts. You must attempt to answer all queries in a timely manner to turn your page visitors into potential customers. Statistics show that customers prefer interactive pages more than the pages that are less interactive. Try to create a good rapport with the visitors and build up a certain level of trust.

4. Use the Features of Facebook Efficiently

In recent years, Facebook introduced lead ads. Posting lead ads directly from your Facebook page is an effective way to demand users attention while they’re browsing facebook and capture their data from your advertisement. You can get a prospects data and information through a lead form on Facebook if you don’t put up too much friction and ask too many questions. Simply open up the conversation, or offer them something in return for their email address like a free e-book. This lead generation feature also allows you to customise your questions to know more about visitors in detail.

Facebook Pixel is another useful tool that you should install on your website. You can monitor the activities of your Facebook page using this analyser tool. This tool helps you assess how the visitors interact and behave with the page. Therefore, you can make new strategies to increase the number of leads for your business through Facebook.

5. Lead Your Customers to the Main Site

While posting an advertisement promoting your business on Facebook, you must not forget to include a link to the main site.

Any advert that you post on Facebook should contain thorough details of your services and offers to grab the attention of potential customers. You should also include a link to your main website in the post, as your website gets an increased boost of traffic. Adding the link to the main website allows you to direct your customers in the right direction.

To Conclude: 5 Great Ways to Generate Leads Using Facebook

These are the 5 proven ways to get more leads from Facebook. While promoting your brand or company on Facebook properly, your chances of getting more customers will increase rapidly.

Using Facebook for lead generation can increase your amount of inbound enquiries exponentially.

Naturally, your website will start receiving more web traffic from your Facebook adverts. The number of inbound enquiries will inevitably increase. That’s why you must learn to use Facebook smartly as a medium of getting more leads.

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