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How To Generate Leads Through Social Media

It’s safe to say that social media has really transformed the way in which businesses interact with customers and also market their business. As far as free marketing goes, it has enabled companies to really target their approach when it comes to making connections and building their market presence. In this article we take a look at how to generate leads through social media.

Why Do I Need Social Media?

Social Media is by far one of the best marketing channels to use. When done correctly it can give you a really good way to promote your business and services. The rise in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, marketing to a wider audience has never been so easy. Choosing the right platform, and also content is where most will struggle. Understanding your target market and how you can best attract them will be how you become successful.

How Do You Generate More Leads?

When it comes to social media and how you can generate more leads, there are various things that you can do to raise the chances of this occurring. Some of these are very basic, and some more complex but ultimately work towards the same goal of ensuring your social media is as beneficial as possible. Some of the things you can do include the following:- 

Optimise Your Profile

Optimising your profile for your business and also intentions is very useful. Your social profile is the first impression of your business, so you need to make this count. On social profiles you are able to include contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses. They are vital, as customers do not want to have to search for these. 

One of the other ways to optimise your profile is also to make sure you are promoting your content and your website. Promoting both of these will help to build an association for your audience, and also may get them to read or visit your blogs/articles.

Create Clickable Content

Clickable and engaging content is key to success. Clickable content can come in many forms, however getting your audience to interact with your content is great not just for reach on your social media, but also for other people who may not be connected with you. This then gives you a further reach. 

Clickable content will be the basis of driving traffic to various areas of your website or content. Snippets of content that drag in your reader is how you will get them to click the link to be taken to that dedicated page. From here you can then focus on data capture to generate leads.

Design User-Friendly Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great data capture method. A landing page is the first impression that your audience gets of your website and business so you need to ensure that it is user friendly. By this we mean ensuring that customers are able to navigate easily, get the information that they need and also leave the details which you want them to. 

A landing page is therefore a great tool for lead generation. By enabling your audience to leave their details or register an interest in your products and services this is a great way to then move them down your funnel. From their details you can add them to your mailing list, or approach them directly. Whatever it may be, a well designed landing page is very much required.

Incentivise Your Customers

Customers love an incentive. Incentivising a customer could be getting them to sign up to your newsletter for a discount code, or to enter a competition. If customers think they are getting something for free or exclusive access then they will take part. By incentivising customers you can really help to increase your data capture. 

Once you have incentivised your customers, and they have signed up you can then use this data as a lead generation tool. Engaging your audience from this point forward can come in direct contact via phone or including them in mass email marketing to inform them of your business further.

Think Outside The Box

Sometimes this is easier said than done, however you need to really consider the content you are producing for your audience. How you create this content and what it looks like will lead to your success. Content is always going to be key to how you drive traffic to various places on your website or landing pages. 

Thinking outside the box does not mean reinventing the wheel of marketing, but trying something different to entice people within your audience. Doing something different to your competitors, offering a new service or even competition are a great way in which to engage your customers. More engagement will help to create a better brand presence for your business.

To Conclude

Social Media is one of the best ways to generate leads due to its amazing reach. Unlike most marketing channels, social media have many platforms which you can use therefore giving you options when it comes to your audience. Not all social media platforms are going to be beneficial dependant on the market you work in, be that B2B or B2C. However, when done correctly social media can help your business to generate multiple leads.

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