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Are Infographics Effective For Lead Generation?

Infographics are a great way to get across numerous pieces of information in a creative and less wordy way. With most responding well to some form of visual representation, it can be great to tell someone exactly what you do without them having to read hundreds and hundred of words. The use of infographics is played down with lead generation, however in this blog we will look at are infographics effective for lead generation.

What Is An Infographic 

An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts and minimal text which is used as a marketing tool. Including infographics into your marketing has been shown to help generate more leads by increasing click through and sign up rate. By making your content clear, engaging and attractive more of your audience are more inclined to look at your business.

The Facts

Facts and figures are a great way to support the use of anything, not just in marketing. But the use of visuals can really have a profound effect on your lead generation, and also audience attraction. On average 90%+ visitors to your website are not ready to buy. This is where some enticing comes in, and how you attract them to be a customer. Infographics when done correctly can be that enticing tool you need. 

When customers enter your website they tend to want to find information quickly. If you are able to retain them for over 30 seconds then you are onto a winner. Visual content such an infographic actually receives around 85% more clicks and also 25x more reads than a long piece of content. Most do not have time to read your content, instead want information direct and quick.

It’s the first impression that counts!

Where Can I Use Infographics 

The beauty of infographics is that you can use them pretty much anywhere. However, before you start churning out 100’s of infographics you need to make sure that yours stand out from the rest. Infographics are used by around 60% of all marketers so competition is stiff. However, here are some of the most effective places in which you can use them.

Social Media 

Social Media channels love infographics. If you are trying to share a lot of information at one time it is now time to utilise them. As long as they are engaging and creative your audience will be attracted to them. When it comes to generating leads, infographics on social media do really help. Many marketers from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all show an increase in Lead Generation. 

Integrating them into your social media strategy is a great way to attract users. However do not post them all the time. Using them as part of a strategy is how you will become successful.


If you are trying to get people to buy your products when they are in promotion, large amounts of text are not going to work. Your audience will want to know what it is, the cost and where they are able to purchase it from. A good use of promotion infographics is to entice your audience to sign up and receive a percentage off their next purchase. 

With companies that are using infographics in this way they are seeing around six times more traffic to their website. The more sign ups, the more potential leads you are generating. Store their details, and include them in your email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing is the forgotten fruit of the marketing world. Email marketing allows you to reach out to and approach previous customers, as well as any new leads who have given their details. Infographics allow you to limit words on a content piece, and really focus heavily on key facts. With more and more people receiving emails every day you need to stand out. 

Using multiple images is also a great way to create engaging and creative content via email marketing. Break up the information so your audience does not feel overwhelmed.

Other Uses

Alongside using them across your marketing and social media channels infographics can present other opportunities to be effective for lead generation such as:

Use For Offline Marketing 

Alongside using infographics for your marketing be that content or social media, they also present a good opportunity to use them offline. What we mean by this is not on the internet. Using them infographics on brochures, pamphlets or presentations is a great way to improve the reach of that particular thing.

Repurpose Content

If you are a business who has an ebook or even a brochure you may identify that some of the content in there is suitable for your content or social media. Infographics allow you to condense this information down into an engaging and creative format. At the end of the infographic include a strong call to action to get your audience signed up or engaged even more.

To Conclude

Including infographics into your marketing and content is a great way to increase your traffic rate, and also potential click through and sign ups. Audiences love things that are creative, and also engaging. So are infographics effective for lead generation? Yes they are. They help to bring another dynamic to your content, and ultimately will increase your audience participation. 

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