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The 10 Best PPC Lead Generation Strategies

Having a strategy is probably one of the important things when starting something new. Knowing what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and what results you want help to keep you on track. This is no different with PPC. PPC can help to build your Lead Generation which can ultimately help generate more revenue for the business. With that being said this is the 10 best PPC Lead Generation strategies to consider.

Go Where Your Audience is

This may seem like an easy step, but you would be surprised how many people try to reinvent the wheel. PPC has been around for many years, and is designed to capture your new audience. Focus on where that audience is, and what is going to engage them best. This will create a better conversion rate, and also ROI.

If you have not figured out where your audience is yet then you need to do this. This could determine how you set up your campaign, the times which you schedule and how you build your landing pages.

One of the main benefits to running your PPC through Google is that you can really drill down on where your audience is. As PPC has a daily budget which will only stretch so far, you are able to limit where your adverts appear to actually create a better chance of finding those leads, and converting them.

Set Up Proper Tracking 

Data is going to be your best friend, so unfortunately you are going to need to get used to it. Knowing where your budget is being spent and how much success you are having will only serve you better in the long run. From the data you can make informed changes which can better your overall campaign.

Setting up tracking models is really going to benefit you. Some of the ones you can consider are as follows:-

Utilising these tracking methods as well as a strong CRM like hubspot will really help to generate the right connections between your campaigns and eventual purchases.

If you need more information on the PPC tracking element then take a look at this post. PPC Tracking: What Is PPC Tracking?

Get Specific in Your Campaigns and Ad Groups

As mentioned previously you know that PPC allows you to really limit who does see your ads, and who is able to click on them. If you are a brand who has multiple audiences then you need to set who is a priority. Targeting groups is an option used by many businesses to be able to target sets of people who may have the same buying patterns. You could create groups like the following:-

  • Brand/Competitors
  • Product/Service
  • Geographic Location
  • Target Industry

Create Unique Landing Pages 

Creating a persuasive ad is what is key to making sure you are able to attract potential leads. Ensuring your content is correct and informative are also so important, as you want your leads to already start to build that trust in your company.

Making a landing page for each ad, and making sure it delivers on the ads promise is a key element of any campaign. A landing page will serve as the real first impression of your business to make sure they do not have any distractions which divert the attention of your audience. You want to make sure at this point you are able to convert your clickers.

Put Your Form in the Ad

Using PPC on Facebook and Linkedin you are able to include a form in the ad itself. This gives you the chance to convert your audience, even without them leaving the advert itself. What is very clever with LinkedIn as well, it will already fill out the form with known information. This can lead to a higher conversion rate as leads do not feel it is time consuming. Making the process more seamless is exactly what leads want.

Make Compelling Offers

Content and what you are offering are easily the most important elements of PPC which are missed. If your advert is not engaging, and does make it worth while to your lead then they will not click. It is that simple. Make sure you know what your audience looks for and tailor it to them.

Target Keywords with Purchase Intent 

One of the most important elements of the 10 best PPC Lead Generation strategies is including very targeted keywords which your audience will be searching. If you have already found good success with SEO then you can use your keywords from this element of your marketing. If this is your first adventure into marketing, then you will need to consider these words.

For example if you are selling a bespoke website design in Norwich, someone who searches for website designers in Norwich is a very specific phrase where you need to appear. By appearing, and also appearing first you increase your chances of that customer viewing you. You will need many variants to capture your audience, however always consider ones with higher buying intent.

Use Negative Keywords

Keywords are what really drive your PPC campaigns forward. So you may think negative keywords are counter productive. You actually need to consider these as it will allow you to exclude so you do not waste money on clicks that are not relevant to you.

Excluding words such as free and cheap are also advised to be excluded. Unless you are selling a free tool these words can really impact how successful your campaign is. If you also find in your industry you are looking to approach professionals more than the casual user, you need to consider which keywords either group would use. Promote the more professionals, and eliminate the casuals.

Use Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions are a great way to highlight to a potential customer what you are trying to achieve. This extension could be signed up for a free trial, sign up for updates, or even a contact us button. What this does is allow you stand out from other campaigns, and make it easier for your audience to use.

Test and Analyse

As every business is different you are going to need to test your PPC campaigns over a period of time to see if they are attracting the people you are looking for. Some will think they can copy a competitor well but unfortunately this is not true. There is no one size fits all model making each campaign individual.

When looking to test your ad campaign you can look at the following:-

  • Images
  • Headlines
  • Keywords
  • Offers
  • Extensions
  • Scheduling

This is not an extensive list but are all things to consider. One point to note when looking at PPC Keywords. If some keywords are outperforming others, then you need to prioritise these when looking to build out an SEO campaign.

To Conclude

Utilising PPC will ultimately help to increase your Lead Generation. Putting your brand in front of your customers, and also within their environment helps to create a positive reputation. Before embarking on a PPC campaign you need to have a strategy. The 10 best PPC Lead Generation strategies should have given you some very good pointers on where to focus, and things to include if you are new to this marketing outlet.

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