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Lead Generation Strategies for Start-Up Businesses

As a start up business the process of generating leads, and being able to build a strategy is very important. Lead Generation will be the way in which you generate revenue, and also bring in customers within your target audience. How this is done is up to you as a business. In this article we look at lead generation strategies for start-up businesses.

Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the basis of how you generate revenue. By having leads coming to your business it gives you more opportunity in order to turn these people into customers. The process of doing this is very straightforward, but can sometimes become complicated. 

Marketing and Sales are the two best ways to generate leads. From a marketing perspective there are many options which you can utilise be that in the form of marketing channels. Sales are involved in the process when a lead has been identified. They are then used to convert these potential customers into paying customers.

The 5 Lead Generation Strategies

When it comes to building a lead generation strategy, the focus has to be on how you can attract people to your business, and have an opportunity to convert them. This is done in a variety of ways. Some of the most effective are as follow:

Create A Lot Of Opt-In Opportunities

Opt-in opportunities could be the chance to download guides, information, attend webinars or even live demos of your product. Whatever is, and what is best associated with your business make sure you get your audience involved. A lot of the opt-in options that you will present are easy to do as well as being free. 

Now you may be wondering what the point of all this is, well it’s about data capture. You want to capture as much data as that email addresses and contact details as possible. This is where you start to build your database, and also add to your audience. If someone downloads your guide then email them. If they attend your webinar call them the day after. These all great ways to engage your audience, and have the opportunity to sell to them 

Make Landing Pages Clear

Landing pages is a website page that has a specific purpose. Used to make it clear to visitors what you would like them to do when they arrive there. Landing pages can help to increase conversions, however the trap most fall into is to make them too complicated.

If you want your audience to sign up to a new product, or take on a free trial make sure this is obvious. Do not over complicate the page with details about your whole product line, or business history. This detracts away from what you are trying to achieve and can be detrimental to the process and your conversion.

Write Better Ads

If you are going to write an advert, then make it good. Most adverts are not good, in fact they do not draw the attention of their audience at all. If these are companies doing this in your industry then now is your chance to take over. 

An advert should have positive, and clear call to actions. If you run a subscription service also be directing them to sign up to your free trial. Or if you offer a set product or service line get them to call for more information. An advert does not always need to be about selling your products, an advert should be telling people why they should use your business. And why you are better than the competition,

Give Better Offers

Customers love an offer and the better the offer the more chance you have of attracting more people. Conversion rates are a key metric when looking at how many people you engage with, to how many purchases from you. When it comes to lead generation this is no different. How many leads you generate to how many you convert should be a key focus. 

When it comes to offers however, the way in which you build and market your offer will also affect your success. Colours, fonts, logos and branding are all aspects to consider. For example nearly every software company will offer a free trial. Well that’s great, but what are you going to do differently in order to better yourself against the competition?

Use Remarketing

Remarketing is a great tool and is also utilised by many startup companies in order to attract back previously visited traffic. Remarketing is used to serve targeted ads to people who have visited your site, but incorporates these into their everyday searches. For example if they visit your site, then look for a car showroom your ad will appear on that next page. This is subtle marketing but it works.  

To Conclude

As you can see from our lead generation strategies for start-up businesses, generating leads is vital to the overall success of your business. When it comes to building your strategy, the ways we have listed above are the most effective from and attraction perspective. But also cost. Make sure to have a detailed lead generation plan, and this will guide how your business grows.

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