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30 Best Lead Generation Tools To Increase Lead Quality

In this article we explore the 30 best lead generation tools to increase your lead quality.

Here at Lead Genera we’re extremely passionate about lead generation, because if it’s done successfully this can be the key to growing your business.

Many People over simplify lead generation as ‘getting traffic to your site’ but ultimately this is only half of the battle.

The bottom line is that lead generation isn’t easy, it can definitely be hard work. So the team here at Lead Genera got together and came up with a list of ‘30 Best Lead Generation Tools To Increase Lead Quality’.

Hopefully our list that we’ve created here today will help you grow your business into the success we know it could be!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting into lead generation or if you’re a hardened pro, we’ve got the lead generation tools for you!

And we’ve broken the list into sections so we cover all aspects of lead generation to make everything easy to understand!

So settle down, let’s get straight into the list and start generating leads today!

Table of contents:

    Lead Generation And Email Marketing Tools

    To start our list of the 30 best lead generation tools that you should be using to increase your lead quality, we thought we would share some of the most useful tools and softwares that we know can help you produce the results you seek.

    So here’s our 4 favourite lead generation marketing tools.


    Having a landing that works smoothly and looks desirable to your potential leads should be top of the list of ‘to dos’ for any budding online marketeers.

    Unfortunately not everybody is a web designer. That’s where SeedProd comes in with their excellent landing page builder for WordPress.

    Their drag and drop menu system makes putting together stylish looking landing pages, sales pages and loads more with their 100+ templates that are available to their users.

    There’s also email marketing features that are also available.


    Drag and Drop Page Builder

    The drag and drop nature of the interface on SeedProd makes putting together professional looking websites easy a pie ensuring beginners can get excellent results with a little creativity.

    Live And Mobile Previews

    Want to check out how your website looks in ‘real time’ then this feature will be for you!

    An excellent addition and a great way of seeing what you’ve created from a customer’s point of view.

    Mobile previews are also available at the click of a button.

    Currently SeedProd only has the pricing in USD, however, at the time of writing their basic package is £55.81 per annum.

    Check out SeedProd here.

    Trust Pulse

    Trust Pulse is a social proof marketing tool.

    In essence it shows visitors to your site what they are purchasing, this gives visitors to your website the impression that your website is trustworthy and is safe to use.

    TrustPulse can also track several events on your website such as purchases, downloads, and email sign ups.


    Real Time Event Tracking
    You can watch live via a stream of any action that happens on your website with this tool.

    Smart Targeting
    Smart targeting ensures that your social proof is being shown to the right people at the right times, this aids in boosting conversions by using advanced targeting rules and timing controls.

    Flexible customization
    Trust-Pulse allows you to create attractive looking notifications to match your company’s tone and design.

    Again all pricing on the Trust-Pulse website is in USD.

    The basic package starts at £6.36 per month, whereas the growth package (This package offers you the most options) is currently priced at £35.31 per month.

    Check out Trust-Pulse here.

    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is primarily an email marketing tool that has many added features that allow you to customize your website, email campaigns and many more things with an intuitive drag and drop style interface.


    Easy To Use
    The easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to create professional looking websites and email campaigns with a little creative flare.

    Smarter Email Automation
    Email automation allows you to stay connected to your audience, in turn this aids to drive sales.

    There’s lots of events that can trigger various email automations, ensuring that your always building relationships with your customers.

    There’s currently two plans on the Constant Contact website, the first is ideal for small businesses and starts at £15 per month.

    The second is more robust in it’s features and prices start around £30 per month. Both of these prices do not include VAT.

    Check out Constant Contact here.


    SendinBlue is an all in one marketing toolbox that allows your business to streamline their digital marketing efforts.

    There’s tons of tools available here with everything you could need from creating landing pages to seeing real time statistics of what is happening on your website.


    All In One
    There’s tons of features here with SendinBlue, really too many to note, they have you covered in many of the areas that are desirable for online marketing efforts.

    The ‘Premium’ package is currently priced at £41.65 per month.

    Check out SendinBlue here.

    Email Finder Tools

    A major key element to growing your online presence and increasing your lead quality is expanding your current email mailing lists and contact databases.

    Fortunately there’s loads of tools on the internet that allow you to find emails that should be relevant to your pacific business, let’s take a look.


    Aeroleads allows you to easily find any email address that is attached to a business profile.

    They currently have 115,508 active customers at the the time of writing and it’s reportedly very easy to use and comes as a chrome plugin.


    Find Business Emails Quickly
    You can either search business emails via Linkedin or find emails by uploading a name and company to Aeroleads.

    15 Data Points
    With AeroLeads you can find as many as 15 different data points including full names, job title, location, company emails and more.

    Prices start at £34.55 per month and go up to £351.87 per month. Please note that prices are only listed in USD on the AeroLeads website.

    Check out AeroLeads here.


    Hunter is one of the more popular email finders on the market currently.

    It allows you to connect and it allows you to find the email address of your potential prospects via either a domain search, an email finder tool or with an article author finder tool.

    They also have an email verifier that allows you to quickly verify emails to prevent you receiving bounces anymore.


    Email Finder
    The email finder allows you to easily find any email address that is attached to a business account on the internet.

    Email Verifier
    The email verifier allows you to do a complete check of the emails you’re connecting with allowing you to send your correspondence with your prospects in complete confidence.

    Prices start at €49 per month for the ‘starter’ package and go up to €399 per month for the enterprise package which gives you full coverage of all the features.

    Check out Hunter here.


    Where AnyMail Finder really stands out is their policy on only charging for real verified email addresses only.

    You can also search for email via job title search whilst also doing a bulk search through a pacific website or chain.


    Verified Emails Only
    Having your communications bounce back is really the last thing you need, especially when you’re just getting started out.

    The ‘pay for verified emails only’ policy of AnyEmailFinder can help prevent you wasting your much needed time and resources.

    Prices start on the AnyMailFinder website at £29.00 you can either purchase it as a one time purchase or a monthly plan.

    Check out AnyMailFinder here.

    Voila Norbert

    Voila Norbert is the last email finder that we’re going to highlight today, compared to the competition there’s little features that stand out.

    However they do claim to have a 98% success rate when it comes to generating meaningful leads.


    Built for Scale
    The excellent API allows you to create bulk actions and native integrations easily.

    Prices start on the Voila Norbert website at £34.55 per month for a basic package and up to £351.87 per month at the time of writing.

    Please note that the prices on the Voila Norbert website are listed in USD.

    Check out Voila Norbet here.

    Outreach and Prospecting Tools

    Outreach and prospecting tools help you turn your contacts into leads and sales, now we’re going to highlight our 5 favourite tools for outreach and prospecting efforts.


    Datanyze is a google chrome extension that offers the ability of being able to get the contact information directly from Linkedin or company websites.

    They specialise in B2B cold contacts and their extension we mentioned earlier allows you to capture data while you browse social media.


    Data Capture
    You can capture data while you browse the internet, find their contact data in realtime and make contact with them using their pre-installed ‘ice-breakers’.

    This saves you having to think of things to say to start the conversation and lets you concentrate on turning the lead into a sale.

    Export Lists
    You can compile all your leads into relevant lists with just a click of a button, an excellent tool for those who like to keep detailed spreadsheets (You should btw).

    Datanyze is currently priced at £27.50 per month, however it is charged on a yearly basis. Please note that prices are all listed in USD on the Datanyze website.

    Check Out Datanyze here.

    D&B Hoovers

    D&B Hoovers is an online sales acceleration tool that allows its users a faster path from prospect to final sale.

    They have their own comprehensive database that delivers sophisticated analytics.


    Strategic Targeting
    With D&B you can access intelligence on more than 170 million businesses, probably enough to get started, right?

    Although there is a Free Trial on their website, we couldn’t actually find any details on how much their services cost.

    Check out D&B Hoovers here.

    Outreach Plus

    Outreach Plus allows you to easily create personalized cold emails that will help you build relationships and generate leads.

    This excellent little tool also allows you to follow up on emails automatically.


    Appealing Emails
    Outreach Plus allows you to easily create emails that will appeal to your clients, they have advanced personalization features that help achieve positive responses to your cold contacting efforts.

    Quick Campaign Launch
    The 4 step campaign wizard means that you can get started on your email campaigns in just minutes.

    Agency prices on the OutReach Plus website currently are priced at £55.72 per month. Please note that prices are listed in USD on the Outreach Plus website.

    Check out Outreach Plus here.


    Growbots allows you to easily create email campaigns in three easy steps.

    There’s access to over 100 million contacts with their databases and there’s all the usual email personalization and automatic responses you’d expect with such a tool.


    3 Step Email Campaigns
    The 3 step email campaign feature of the growbots tool allows you to easily target your desired market, set up your campaign, so you spend your time correctly and wisely.

    Growbots are asking customers to ask for a quote on their website, there is no other information about pricing.

    Check out GrowBots here.


    Prospect.io is a sales automation platform that automates sales and allows your sales team to increase outbound sales with their multichannel sales platform.

    There’s all the usual stuff here you’d expect to see from such a platform such as automated outbound emails and list building.


    Many Great Features
    The prospect.io platform allows you to easily list build, manage outbound messages, productivity and much more.

    There’s two price structures on the Prospect.io website.

    The first is a credit system whereas you can purchase email finder credits which are used to generate email addresses that could be useful for generating potential leads.

    The second is a per month pay scheme the business package is currently priced at €149 per month.

    Check out Prospect.io here.

    CRM Tools

    CRM or Customer Relationship Tools aid in keeping track of all of your prospects and sales from the beginning to the end of the sales pipeline.

    These are our top picks for the CRM tools your business should be using.


    Pardot specialise in marketing solutions that help companies automate their email correspondence and help you keep track of all of your prospects and sales moving forward.

    You can cater your email interactions to perfectly fit your prospects needs.

    They offer all sorts of services and apps too that may come in handy if you’re looking to get into B2B marketing.

    There’s several different pricing schemes you can take advantage of when it comes to pardot.

    The growth package costs £1,000 per month which guarantees up to 10,000 contacts.

    All of the packages on the Pardot website are billed annually.

    Check out Pardot here.


    Sharpspring is another sales and automation platform that helps you convert your leads to sales by taking advantage of their powerful automation tools.


    Detailed Analytics
    Every interaction is given analytics, this aids in sending the right messages at the right time.

    Dynamic Forms
    Collecting leads has never been so easy with the dynamic form creation tools SharpSpring offer.

    There’s loads of different price options for different situations, prices start at £388.61 per month.

    Please note that prices were in USD on the SharpSpring website at the time of writing.

    Check out SharpSpring here.


    Hubspot offers loads of different services or Hubs if you like, each hub is geared towards a different area of CRM management.

    Each separate Hub (Sales Hub, Service Hub, Marketing Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub) can be used by itself but they all work great when put together.


    Free Version
    HubSpot is a fantastic tool and we could probably write an entire article about their fantastic software.

    But one of the key features that we really like is that there’s free versions easily available so if you’re looking to dip your toe into CRM this might be the option for you.

    Prices start at £38 per month for the starter package.

    Check out HubSpot here.


    Keap has 20 years in the industry so they definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to all matters CRM related.

    They offer many of the same services as we’ve already highlighted for most of the other CRM tools.

    They offer several different versions of their tools.

    The Lite package is currently priced at £55.89 per month. Please note that all prices were in USD at the time of writing.

    Check out Keap here.


    Contactually is the final CRM tool on our list, it’s solely for real estate agents this one, but certainly worth a mention and a must have if you work in this sector.

    Many of the same tools are here, but especially geared to the real estate sector.

    The professional package is currently on the Contactually website £48.82 per month. Again all prices on the website are in USD.

    Check out Contactually here.

    Sales Tools

    Sales tools are for nurturing the relationships that you have already built.

    With your pre-existing customers to guide them into being repeat customers.

    Here are our top picks for Sales tools to improve your lead generation quality.

    HubSpot Sales

    As we mentioned earlier in this article Hubspot has a series of excellent tools to aid with your lead generation efforts, hubspot sales is another one of them.


    Templates and Tracking
    You can save bags of time by using email templates for your campaigns and email correspondence.

    Another nifty little feature is that Hubspot Sales has email tracking letting you know when a lead has opened an email.

    Document Management
    Building a library of helpful sales content has never been easier with the document management and tracking tools.

    Again don’t forget that Hubspot offer loads of free versions of their tools so, definitely check them out first, but the ‘Starter’ package is currently £42 per month.

    Check out Hubspot Sales here.

    Linkedin Sales Navigator

    The Linkedin sales Navigator is another advanced lead and company search tool.

    Again it let’s you target pacific personas and then let you engage with them through a personalised email outreach program.

    Real Time Statistics
    Real time sales updates are available through the Linkedin sales navigator.

    See Who Views Your Profile
    With the Sales Navigator you can also see who’s viewed your profile on Linkedin.

    Currently the monthly price for a professional package which is their entry option is currently priced at £55.94 per month.

    Please note that the prices on LSN are in USD.

    Check out Linkedin Sales Navigator here.


    SalesForce allows you to monitor your pipeline more accurately than ever before.

    This cloud based application that automates many of the tasks related to online sales.

    There’s loads of different apps on the Sales Force site you can take advantage of, so take a look.


    All of the features in SalesForce are designed to automate some of the more repetitive busy work aspects of the sales process.

    This will leave your sales team with more time to do the more important impactful jobs.

    Prices start at £20 per month, however their most popular package is the Enterprise Package and it is currently listed on the SalesForce website for £120.

    Check out SalesForce here.


    Pipedrive is the final Sales tool for lead generation that we’re going to highlight here.

    There’s not much here that really sets Pipeline out from the pack, but they’re tools are extremely easy to get to grips with and Pipeline should be another tool you check out.

    Pipedrive helps eliminate lots of the busy work and repetitive tasks from the everyday administrative duties of the sales team.


    Easy Data Import
    Integration is easy with Pipeline as they let you import data from other softwares.

    Meaning you won’t have to jump around in between pages and softwares, The lord knows we do that enough already!

    Easy To Use
    Pipedrive have actually won awards for their ease of use, so if you’re a beginner this may be the tool for you.

    The most recommended package Pipedrive has on their website is currently priced at £49.90 per month, this can be billed either monthly or yearly.

    Check out Pipedrive here.

    Advertising Tools

    Advertising tools help you advertise your products and obtain new leads, whilst services such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all have their own Ad service we thought it would be a great idea to highlight a few more.

    Google Ads

    Google is extremely important in general to the internet. If you want to find something, the likelihood is you’re googling it.

    So, taking advantage of their robust advertising system. If you don’t already take advantage of the amazing tool then you should be.

    Creating Ads is ridiculously easy, they almost create themselves.

    And for those who really like to get into the nitty gritty of campaign making there are also more advanced tools available as well.


    Works Faster Than SEO
    The Adwords feature is an extremely powerful tool, although it may be ‘faster; than traditional SEO it shouldn’t be used instead of SEO but rather alongside SEO efforts.

    Easily Connect
    As we said before, like you didn’t already know, Google is big, so if you’re not taking advantage of this awesome tool then you should be.

    You can set your own budget with Google Ads, this means you need not spend over the odds for your next campaign!

    Check out Google Ads here.


    Adespresso allows you to focus all of your advertising efforts into one place and distribute your adverts into multiple online arenas such as Facebook, Instagram and Google.

    It lets you create the perfect campaign, whilst being able to change your settings on the go.

    The Starter package is currently priced at £34.72 per month which is billed annually. Please note that all prices were in USD at the time of writing.

    Check out Adespresso here.

    Ad Roll

    Adroll is another advertising platform that allows you to make the most of all your sales opportunities from empty carts, to previously bounced leads all can be turned into sales with Adroll.

    There’s lots here to get your teeth sunk into with data management and focusing on grabbing your leads attention early.

    Adroll is currently priced at £13.47 per month, this seems to be charged annually. Please note that all prices are listed at USD on the Adroll website.

    Check out Adroll here.


    Retargerter is the last sales tool we’re going to highlight here today.

    Retargeter focuses more on the 98% of shoppers who usually don’t make a purchase on their first visit to your website.

    They have several different apps that allow you to retarget your audience in different areas of retargeting.

    At the time of writing Retargeter did not have any prices listed on their site and instead requested that clients request a quote from them.

    Check out Retargeter here.

    Communication Tools

    When you start to talk to your leads, you start to build a relationship, this in turn creates trust and awareness.

    These are the two main factors your leads consider before making a purchase with your website.

    All of the tools we’ve highlighted in this part will aid with your communication efforts.


    Intercom is another business focused messenger, this communication solution can add bots, live chat, apps and product tours to your website.

    It can streamline your email and messages and help you build relationships with your prospects that will last.


    Business Messenger and Message Management
    Creating relationships is super easy with Intercom, you can support and engage with your clients and manage all of your messages in one place.

    The bots that Intercom uses are extremely helpful and scarily intelligent, so if you’re looking for a way to distribute your support in an automated fashion, Intercom could be for your company.

    Intercom is currently able to be integrated with 250+ apps and websites according to the information on their site.

    There’s not much information on their site about pricing, but there is a small piece of text that says early stage companies can get an offer of £46.05 (priced in USD) per month.

    Otherwise they ask you to contact them for a quote.

    Check out Intercom here.


    Drift has lots of different features you can take advantage of if you’re looking at getting more of a B2B focused customer experience.

    They have Chat bots and all the other usual bells and whistles you’d expect to see with this type of company.


    Complete Overview
    The Drift interface allows you to get a complete overview of all of your conversations, emails and meetings.

    Real Time Personalization
    With Drifts real time personalization you can ensure that every customer that visits your website has the best possible experience.

    At the time of writing Drift asks customers to get in contact with them to discuss a quote.

    Check out Drift here.


    CallPage is a callback automation service for your website.

    A callback can be initiated within 28 seconds and then your prospect can be contacted by a member of your sales team.

    The CallPage tool can connect with either landlines or mobile phones.

    There’s currently an unlimited free trial on the CallPage website for a 7 day period.


    Call Management Tools
    You can add call operators, set your working hours or schedule calls, holidays and much more with the call management tools that CallPage offers.

    Custom Voice and Text Messages
    With the CallPage interface you can create customer voice and text messages to send your customers and potential leads.

    The most popular package that’s currently listed on the CallPage website is listed at £84.51 (listed at USD) and offers up to 150 leads per month. There is a free trial available too!

    Check out CallPage here.

    Some Favourite Lead Generation Tools

    Now finally we’re going to go through a few of our favourite lead generation tools that we haven’t already mentioned.


    Zapier allows you to connect your apps and automate your workflows, the ultimate lead generation management tool all under one roof.

    It creates automated workflows called ‘Zaps’ that allow you to automate those repetitive admin tasks.

    You can also move information between apps, another great time save on the less desirable admin work. Zapier has tools for CRM, email and marketing.

    You can also share content across multiple platforms with Zapier, as well as notify your team about new leads as they happen, a great tool, this one.


    Works with 3000+ Apps
    Zapier is compatible with over 3000 apps.

    The professional package is priced at £35.34 per month if you pay annually, it’s £53.01 otherwise.

    Check out Zapier here.


    ReferralCandy is a customer referral program that is automated.

    You have access to a dashboard where you can see all of your data and analytics and one click integrations that easily connect ecommerce and marketing platforms.


    Easy To Use
    ReferralCandy is extremely easy to use and comes in handy especially if you’re looking to integrate all of your platforms.

    ReferralCandy is currently priced at £32.79 per month plus commission (Prices listed in USD)

    Check out ReferralCandy here.


    Ahrefs is an all in of SEO solution and a personal favourite around the office.

    There’s hardly no end to the uses the SEO toolset has with site auditing, site explorers and key word explorers there’s so much information here that you’d be silly not to take advantage of it.

    We use this daily around the office, it helps in writing articles and keeping tabs on all of the websites we currently curate.


    Free Learning Materials
    Ahrefs has everything you could possibly need to get started with SEO for your business, including excellent learning materials and video tutorials on their website.

    Ahrefs standard edition is currently listed as £127.06 per month (List in USD) on their website.

    Check out Ahrefs here.


    Boomerang is a handy little email scheduler for Gmail that allows you to control when you send and receive emails.

    You can add followup reminders and it’s compatible for both iOS and Android.

    The app can remind you if you haven’t followed up on emails and you can schedule emails with only one click.

    Another great little feature is the ability to pause your inbox so you can spend some time on things that really matter.

    This one is almost a must these days, it has to be said.


    Follow Up Reminders
    Instead of letting your inbox fill with emails you’ve already read or not, let Boomerang worry about it, because it’ll let you know when you need to follow up on important emails.

    Schedule Emails
    If you’ve ever worked with anyone in a different country then you’ll know the pains of having to get up early or late to send an email.

    This is no longer an issue as the robust email scheduler let’s you compose your email in your own time then send it at the perfect time.

    The ‘Pro’ Package is currently listed on the Boomerang site for £10.64 (listed in USD) per month.

    Check out Boomerang here.

    Convert Plus

    Convert Plus is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily create pop ups with little to no coding experience.

    You can build email lists, share updates with your leads, offer discounts and create highly personalised pop ups no matter what you need them for.

    Everything there is actionable with a couple of clicks you can make your popups look professional and eye pleasing.


    There’s over 80+ animations you can take advantage of with Convert Plus.

    It’s really the small things that set websites apart and the website pleasing to the eye is certainly a factor customers consider when returning to a website.

    700+ Fonts
    You can really make sure that you stand out from the crowd with the choice of over 700+ fonts to use with your messages, forms and offers.

    Convert Plus is available to purchase on their website for £16.33 (listed in USD)

    Check out ConvertPlus here.

    Need Help With Lead Generation? Call the Professionals!

    Here at Lead Genera we take the subject of lead generation very seriously, we know that lead generation is about quantity, it’s about quality.

    We view each of our clients as our own business and we want to see your business succeed.

    We offer solutions for Branding and Design, CRM and Customer relations, lead generation, marketing consultancy, SEO, social media marketing and web development.

    So if you’d like help with your lead generation efforts or any of the other services we’ve mentioned above, come and visit our Main Page and request a proposal.


    In this article we’ve guided you through the 30 best lead generation tools to increase your lead quality.

    We broke down the whole lead generation process from marketing tools to communications tools and everything in between.

    We also highlight 5 of our own favourite tools that we use around the office every day as well as many of the main tools advertising and marketing professionals use in a bid to educate our readers about how they may go forward with their own lead generation journey.

    Thanks for reading the article and the team here at Lead Genera hope that you’ve found it informative and helpful.

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