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How To Fix Your Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of the vital components for a business in order to help them grow and keep generating extra revenue. When it comes to looking at lead generation however, many businesses still make fundamental errors which can cost them revenue opportunities. In this article we look at how to fix your lead generation, and some of the methods you can use to help.

Why Do I Need To Fix My Lead Generation

As mentioned in the opening paragraph making sure your lead generation is operating at its maximum capacity can have a profound effect on your business. When we say fix your lead generation, we are referring to looking at your process, and how they can be refined. Over time the refining of this process will bring more success, and opportunity to generate more revenue. 

5 Possible Mistakes You May Be Making

You Are Not Offering The Right Content

Not everyone who visits your website or who reads your content will be at the stage where they are going to buy. Understanding your customers buying journey will help you tailor your content. When it comes to writing content, you need to focus on giving customers opportunities to learn about your business, and its offerings.

Creating valuable content which adds value can be seen as a time consuming task and this is ultimately why you see a lot of ‘buy it now’ or click here for a demo’ on a lot of pages. This is not effective and does not help you stand out from your competition.

How To Fix It

It is important to note here that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to call to action buttons (CTAs). Being creative with A/B testing and getting a good understanding of what attracts your audience and makes them buzz is a skill, and an integral part of success. Ultimately you need to maximise engagements and monitor clickthrough rates with Google analytics. 

It’s best to create and try out a large variety of forms and CTA’s that sit on landing pages to match the various steps of the customer’s journey. This could be from those who have just clicked on your website for the first time, or those who are at the point where they are going to purchase. Creating content that covers the whole sales funnel is going to help keep your audience engaged.

You’re Not Using Your Blog To Generate Leads

A blog should be responsible for the majority of your organic traffic. By bringing in traffic you have the opportunity to sell to them, and turn them into leads. There are some common issues in the marketing industry with some either not blogging at all, or not using relevant call to actions to attract their audience. 

One of the major benefits to blogging is that it gives you traffic which you may have not had before. From this traffic you need to aim to turn them into leads. To put this into a simple form. If you convert 2% of your 100 views on a blog then you would get 2 leads per month. If you then wrote 30 blogs you would have 60 leads. Then if you have a 10% conversion rate that is 6 new clients per month for you to work with. 

How To Fix It

Firstly you need to be consistent with your blogging. If you haven’t started already, then you need to. Quite simply a blog generates traffic when it is done correctly. In order to attract that extra traffic into becoming leads you need to utilise call to actions. A call to action will tell readers to get involved with your business. These can be in the form of sign ups, webinars, free trials, and even ebooks. The list is endless but give your audience a reason to sign up.

You’re Not Using Social Media Correctly

Social Media is a great way to drive traffic to your content on your website, or even just your website as a whole. Alongside this driving of traffic and also building brand awareness you can also use it as a lead generation tool. If you find your social media is not generating enough leads then you are not using it in a strategic manner. 

How To Fix It 

One of the easiest ways to generate more leads through social media, is to use your content as a promotion tool. Putting your blog posts, and also links to offers are a great way to encourage your audience to head to your website. 

With offers make sure you link directly to the landing page where they appear. Customers and potential leads do not want to look for anything, so being able to bring it to them is integral. Ensure to have your analytics set up on this page as you will be able to assess your click through rate. If it is not improving then you need to look at your offer and how it is presented.

You’re Not Communicating Properly

Communication is key. This however is not focused around the communication with your customers but the internal workings of the business. If you have leads that are MQL or marketing qualified then they also need to be spoken to by the sales team. In some respects an MQL is more qualified as it is a customer who is deeply engaged. 

The disconnect between sales and marketing can sometimes be detrimental to the overall customer process, and ensure that all leads are spoken to. Regardless if they come from sales directly, or MQL they need to be communicated to ensure they are of equal importance. 

How To Fix This 

In order to fix this you need to align your sales and marketing team. Both of the team have a different focus, and communicate in a different way. However making sure they are on the same wavelength is going to be very important for success. Implementing a set process for qualification and contact of leads  will also help to make lead generation successful. 

You’re Not Using The Right Lead Generation Tools

You know that people are visiting your website and also content, however do you know who they are? Or do you know what they are doing whilst they are on your website? If you are not able to answer either of these questions then you are not going to be able to connect with them. It is that simple. The right tools will be able to help you in being able to answer these questions. 

How To Fix It

The simple way to fix it will be looking for the tools that work with your audience. Having a CRM is a great place to start. A CRM is a customer relationship management system and is a great link between sales and marketing. Outside of being able to answer the questions above it is vital for tracking the customer’s journey.

When it comes to tools, you can also utilise Google Analytics, or Google Search Console. Both allow tracking of content, and traffic levels. Tracking of page clicks is also key to being able to decide where key forms or links may go. If the left side at the top is a more prominent position then you know to include a call to action.

To Conclude

Lead Generation is key to business success, and how you do it is very much tailored to your audience. However, how to fix your lead generation takes a period of thought, and understanding about your audience. As well as business goals. Consider how you are attracting your audience, and also how you are going to turn them into paying customers. 

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